One liner update [01.09]



Hi @Konstantinos thanks for the update.

I have one question though. How many screens have been ordered now?
When the screens arrive and you finish assembling the hyper early bird batch are the screens for the limited bird batch already on site or do you have to wait for them to arrive? Would be nice if the assembly of the limited bird batch could seamlessly begin after finishing the first batch.


We have ordered 2700 screens in total and the lead time we were given is for that total quantity. So in up to for 4 weeks we will get 2700 screes.

We have also asked Sharp to ship screens partially of possible so like let’s say maybe 500 in 2 weeks and 2200 2 weeks later. Basically as soon as they have any quantity available


hi konstantinos,

Great update. I assume you will order new batch of screens at the meantime while assembling the hyper bird devices? A lot of us who did not have an opportunity to bid on igg really hope the web store will not delay further as well. I am sure we all understand how important the webstore means to eve and the future projects.

Personally, I love what the v is offering, but I cannot wait for a device to get delivered in the next year… Especially more powerful devices are coming around.

Another thing is I hope eve can start developing an egpu which can solve a lot of questions that members here might have.


Yes totally Noah, Webstore is super important for us. So we will open it up right after the delivery of Hyper early bird devices!

We will start discussing next projects such as an E gpu immediately after we ship!


Interesting device, fan-less device with MX150. But ask far as I know, MX 150 has two versions with TDP 25w and 8w. I think Acer is using 8w one, need to see how the performance is, but for sure still better then integrated GPU

Eve V vs. Competition!

May I have the original model of 256G/512G SSDs apart from the 1TB SM961 upgrade?


Hi Konstantinos,

Thanks for the update, it’s much more meaningful and while the time of upto (hopefully worst case) 8 weeks is disappointing, at least its a date to hope towards. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the delivery.


Original SSD we use is Intel 600p!

Thanks @so1us! We hope to cut that number down!


Of course, it’s sarcastic !

Seriously, when is the dead line to tell you what option we want (if upgrading to 1T is possible for early birds)?


Don’t worry, they haven’t even started to ask people about the upgrade.


OK, thanks for this clear answer


For those of us who did not pledge on indiegogo, what is the approximate timeline for the second batch? Any chance to get it in 2017?


Thanks for this in-depth post and sharing the situation as it is. Does improve the level of confidence in this forum, doesn’t it?


Not sure if it’s feasible, but would there be any chance of upgrading ssd size but not to 1tb if we’re going down the upgrade route? I know we need to keep number of different types of configuration down but if someone bumps up to 1tb and so there is a spare available I would love to upgrade, but don’t need a whole tb. (slightly concerned about fitting all my stuff in the 128 m3 but couldn’t afford any more aha :disappointed_relieved:). Cheers for all your hard work team!


The problem is not the availability of the SSDs but manufacturing so many different combinations. If all possible configurations of components are available there will be too many SKUs so they decided to only offer 1TB as an upgrade, which basically doubles the SKUs already.


We can’t ask for more than open honesty… Keep up the good work …


same question here!:nerd_face:


Hey dudes. Unfortunately we can’t provide any other upgrade then to 1TB as it would then potentially create complications at the assembly line when it comes to SKU management. So we will only offer upgrade to 1TB as it was one of the most required upgrades!


The delivery schedule could be updated soon.
Thank for the 1TB upgrade !

You are making a great job with transparancy


And there we would have one major advance of your CPU-choice for the V. Acer uses a passiv cooling for 15W at a 12" chassis. But with a 15W CPU and a 8W GPU they need to switch to 13,5".
But the V got only a 4,5W CPU and with a 8W GPU you could also provide a passiv cooling system for a 12" chassis.

For an update of the V in the next years you can maybe choose between 4 core CPU and 2 core CPU + GPU depending on the performance for working and maybe a little bit of mainstream gaiming. As i mentioned in one of the eGPU topics: in my opinion a GPU like the Geforce 1030 would perfectly fit a Y-CPU in relation to the power consumption for a silent system with a slight performence for everything you would do with a 2-in-1-tablet, especially for travelling and working flexible in different locations.