One liner update [01.09]



Woah! And I thought I was being too optimistic… I’m interested in understanding why you think 14 hours will be achieved.


Given that Eve had designed the V originally for 12 hours of real use battery life. I simply added 2 hours as per the post Konstantinos made about the Sharp screen in July for a total of 14 hours battery life.


If you plan to watch videos offline for 14 hours with bare minimum brightness, maybe.


Lol, of course… You don’t need a beast GPU for movies. Intel HD can drive 3x 4K screens simultaneously. That means it can display 3x 4K movies simultaneously. Of course, it depends on the codec.


You could connect one through thunderbolt. So that is a legitimate question.


You know how big company’s work? If you are a new costumer especially if you are a new company the do checks. They need all the information for their system and they don’t sit around all day and wait for a new costumer to apeer. That all takes time. Especially if they check the credibility. If you want to try it yourself try to go to the automotive Industry and try to change there something xD


I am sure @necrotherium knows how big companies work, just like you, me and most other people. But if we know, why didn’t Eve / Emdoor? If Eve knew that, if the screens worked with the housing etc, it would make a bulk order, then it should have sought to clear Sharp’s checks (credit, money laundering etc) in advance. It had ample time to do this between when it ordered samples in the first week of July and received them on 16 August.

In fact, Eve did at least seem to anticipate this:

That was on 13 July. Over 1.5 months later, I think you can understand why we are puzzled that Emdoor was still going through credit checks as of 28 August, leading to further delays.


For a new company, I would say it would take about two month regarding the holydays Japan had and where mentioned too. So I am surprised they did it in about 6 weeks.

Specially because I think they don’t only do eve but emdoor which original buys the screens need the same process. At least if I got it right. But maybe @team knows more about it and could enlighten us. Further paperwork means contracts. Contracts means lawyers checking them and do negotiations about them.

Like said, I am surprised it only took about 4-6 weeks to get all done.


We are all spoiled by those next day deliverance shops :thinking:


So the communicated timeline for Aug/September delivery with the Sharp screen was purposely misleading then?
I say it again, it fascinates me how the hardcore supporters can switch from: wow Sharp is an A player, we have the screens with superb quality in no time, to: Sharp is a big company it takes a lot of time to get the screens. God beware if there will be further issues, what will it be then? Sharp is too big to care that much about a small order from a small company?

There are question-marks all over the last couple of weeks in regards to the Sharp handling, but i dont care anymore.

What i am missing now is a more exact delivery estimate, this was promised to be available once Sharp provides the screen delivery estimate, September(really?)/October is of same quality as Aug/September was… Regardless of when the screens will be delivered, how long will it take since then for HEB and then LB to receive the V? (I mean there are steps like shipping to vendor, bonding, shipping back, stress, quality tests, possible re-cert, possible mini-mass production, shipping to EU warehouse (customs process), shipping out to customers)…


To be clear, I am no supporter. I will not buy the device at all. I wanted to but bought a surface pro because of the delays and the missing pricing information. For me it is just fun to watch further into the community and are curious what will be the next project. So for me the hardcore supporter argument is invalid :slight_smile:

But for eve, they are new and have to learn it the hard way. They learned to not mention timeliness to fast and now they get criticism for it. How you do it it is always wrong for some people xD


Give me a price. I want 1tb drive. Can’t believe it has any real negative impact on performance and I have ended up with 1 tb or more in every laptop I have owned for the last 10 years. I usually buy machines with the best of everything but the minimum memory and storage and then added those myself to save $. Can’t do that with the Eve so I need it installed up front.
I do not expect it for free its a change I’m more than willing to pay for.
I think many others feel the same.
Thanks for listening and finding a way to accommodate our request! At least the wait for resolution of the screen issue gave you time to find a way to implement this upgrade so there was a silver lining in that cloud.

Eve V vs. Competition!

Fair enough… Does the Surface meet your expectations?
And yeah, i too think the team stepped back now due to the apparently too positive timeline communication and they rather dont want to be specific anymore, so it wont backfire… I would rather have all details to correctly evaluate than this approach of keeping future steps that have potential of hiccups in the dark.


just my 0,5 cents: Let the hardworking team working hard.
But they could calm the use of that indigogo language a bit. :no_mouth:


It does so far. It was even a little bit better than expected as I could game on it very fine. It’s an i7 16gb 512gb. With student discount for under 2600€ with keyboard pen and arc mouse included. They even want to do an usbc dongle for the surface connector. I hope it will last a complete day on university with one note. But with the usb dongle I may even be able to extend the life with a powerbar. I even cannot hear the fan in normal environment. Only under gaming performance while loading you could “hear” it. But the game sounds are louder. For me it is a real nice piece of hardware. That’s why I wished eve had revealed there prices at least. To do a real comparison.


The current estimates are that the process once screens have arrived, it should take about a week for the whole assembly process.


With bonding, calibration, etc.? Where did you get this information?


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I don’t think the battery will last all day with one note. I was always plugging in my surface trying to drag some more use out of it in college :frowning:

It’s why I’m waiting for the V because nothing else will cut it regarding battery life. Surface really disappointed me with the battery :frowning:


Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday to everyone:slight_smile:

So when it comes to the timelines here’s what I have to say:

We are sharing information as we get it. We learned that the best thing we can do as Eve is to tell the truth to people who made us.

Based on previous experience we try to withold from making assumptions regarding timelines.

What I mean is that when we get delivery timeline from Sharp of up to 4 weeks we say as it is instead of telling that they will come in 2 and then coming up with excuses. When we don’t have information to share we don’t share it.

The fact that we did not have concrete information up to this point does not mean that we are not doing anything :slight_smile: We are having talks to Sharp and all the partners daily to make sure we can get our parts as soon as possible.

The main reason Sharp screen delivery takes a while is because it is a slow process. That’s it. We expedited it as much as possible and we now finally have delivery timelines.

As mentioned before a lot of the struggles we are having is partly to the fact that we chose not to have investors in our company telling us what to do. As a result we can’t throw money at the problems. But all of this experience makes us as a team much more prepared for whatever there is to come. So we are sure that as long as we have this awesome community behind us we will change this industry for better!

When you think of V and compare the Kabylake R devices the main advantage V has is the battery life (and amazing screen now) . I really can’t wait to see the battery performance of new Acer device.

Guys remember that soon we will have devices shipped and internet will be full of V reviews this community will be working on the next project and many more exciting things will happen.

No amount of frustration will affect the outcome right now. We will deliver a great device and then have fun going though pictures of community members around the world using V!

I agree that it is very hard to not have clear dates. So here is what we can do about it :slight_smile:

While the timeline that we got from Sharp now is delivery in up to 4 weeks and as Eve we can’t tell more as it would be speculating.

I can tell you my personal opinion. In my personal opinion Hyper early birds will get devices shipped in around 2-3 weeks after we receive the screens. So after we get screens in 2-4 weeks it will take another 2-3 weeks to ship.

After shipping Hyper early birds we will know how much time exactly it will take to ship Limited birds.

Meanwhile we are all waiting let us know what else you would like to know.

Have a great week ahead everyone! I hope we will have some amazing news to share this week!

Can we keep the Level of Frustration below 9000?

Thanks for answer (and partly confirming my speculated timeframe).