One liner update [01.09]



Wow, the 1tp option with the sm961 sounds really good, very excited about the news and curious if the V will handle it :smile: .

Two questions:

  1. If the testing results are positive, are there enough 1tb drives? Or will it be first come first serve :fearful: ?
  2. Are the testings of the sharp samples with the other parts finished and successful?

Thx for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m sorry to have to ask. Was the upgrade price for a 1TB drive decided? (I’m curious about the i7 cost as I can’t imagine it’s a universal upgrade price for all models). I “think” it was mentioned somewhere but I can’t find it physically or via search :-/. Some post somewhere led me to believe it was €300? But I can’t find that post either.


That’s a low end Nvidia chip. If someone is a serious graphics professional or a gamer they’d want an eGPU anyway.


It’s still far more powerful than integrated graphics, make no mistake. It smashes the V’s and eats it for a midday snack. The V graphics are pitiful in comparison, and there’s no way around that.

We can’t mindlessly defend the V. I think @pauliunas understands that fully. But we can rationally analyze it, and in that way, IMO it still wins out over basically every 2-in-1 announced.

For example, what was just stated doesn’t mean the battery life won’t be terrible, or that the price isn’t far, far higher (STARTS at $1,700), or that the screen won’t match the V.


I still prefer my V but the U class processor and as you say much better graphics power along with fanless design makes the Acer Swift 7 very hard to ignore.

Then again I have a PC which suits my needs should I need to game or do some graphics intensive work (which I rarely do). Battery Power is by far my most important need for a mobile device which is why the V is still the preferred device - at least for me.


As for me, I need a device the will last me most of the day. So, I would prefer the Y series for my needs. It will have lower power requirements and lower thermals overall. While a U series tablet would be great; however, I would be concerned about heat, battery life, and throttling. If Acer can do better than the new Surface where it doesn’t throttle after a few seconds then it would be great, otherwise, it would a waste in my opinion.


1.The supply is up to 500 drives right now. So I think that should he enough provided 2500 V’s were sold. If needed we could find more

2.Yes screen is totally fine and all if the test have been conducted as well as all components are ready for production


Good to know all tests with Sharp’s screens are “fine” => can we have more information about it ? Like impact on battery, more photos, more videos, … Thx


Great update !
Next GREAT update will be when you tell us (I’m in the early batch) the shipping will be made in end of october !!!
with a free 1T option of course…


Honestly the screen and battery would be the major reasons I consider V over the Switch 7 at this point. It has higher resolution and smaller form factor (I actually want a more portable device) resulting in a better pixel density.

The Switch 7 will still be a great piece of hardware due to graphics capabilities and 8th gen processor, but that does have it drawbacks, namely battery life and heat. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on the Acer Switch series, then look up some reviews of the Switch Alpha 12 and Switch 5. Both of them are notorious for being uncomfortably hot to hold. That liquid cooling system is nice to keep the CPU and GPU running without throttling, but pushing all that heat to the aluminum casing makes the surface temperature skyrocket. A tablet that people can’t hold in their hands loses a lot of functionality.

I assume that the Switch 7 uses a larger screen with less pixel density than the Switch 5 in order to gain more surface area to avoid overheating with a more powerful processor set. Maybe they got the balance just right this time around, and the temperature will be stable without overheating. I hope so. Keep in mind that once the 4-core i7-8550U does throttle down, the clock rate drops from 4.00 to 1.80 GHz (lower than the 2.70 base clock rate of the 7500U in the Switch 5). Whether or not the surface temperature will be a problem or affect performance like in its predecessors can only be found during hands-on reviews. Definitely keep a watchful eye out for the competition, but don’t assume that better/newer specs means a better device.


Regarding the Acer new thingy:

The NVidia MX150 is a TDP-limited GTX 1030; basically it’s 25W vs the 30W of the desktop version, and clocked 100 MHz lower. It should perform better than the GTX 950M.

The new UHD 620 is basically the old HD 620 with native HDCP 2.2 support for the DP1.2a standard, ditching the need for an external LSPCON. I guess it can shave a few bucks off the cost and simplifies the design, but it’s nothing major.

The liquid-cooling passive system needs to be able to cool 40W in order to not throttle at full load. If they managed this they’re champs; I don’t see a passive cooling system able to cool that off in a body so small, but…

Back to V:

That are good news, @Konstantinos. We’ll be waiting on those SSD upgrades to see the prices and overall differences.

I really do hope they ship in October, as each month we pass there are more competing devices out there and the V starts to lose its shine. Welp, at least the screen looks great!


So what? Not everyone is a “serious” gamer or professional. That chip would probably be enough for me, but Intel HD 615 is really ridiculously slow.


You’re totally right. The spec sheet is amazing but the price is ridiculous. I suppose the “starts at” price tag is for i3 configuration, maybe even without dGPU? Either case… it’s too expensive, even for their top end config. I also have doubts about the performance - 15W is already barely possible to cool without a fan (AFAIK SP5 can’t keep up above that), and the graphics card is 25W on top of the already challenging 15W CPU.
(p.s. there is only one USB port - so lame)


It does seem odd that the Switch 7 has such a limited port configuration. The Switch 5 has 3 type-A ports and 2 type-C, but no thunderbolt. The i7-7500U version is $1400 in the US, so the extra price tag on the new model is a premium for a dedicated GPU and better CPU with the trade-off of less ports and the same discomfort as holding a 40W lightbulb in your hand.


This is sarcasm, right? I hope it is. Eve is not Santa Claus, if you want more storage someone has to pay for that.


Well we don’t know for sure about the ports for the Acer Swift 7. I wouldn’t trust the rendered graphics.

Also it says up to 10 hours of battery which is probably more like 5-7 hours given the U class processor and GPU. The V will be around 14 hours of real use with the new screen.


You think an Intel HD 615 will be good enough for HD movies? What about 4K?


movies are no problem, but gaming won’t be much, for 4k movies you need a 4k display which we haven’t anyway .


I’m all for whatever comes next but…

How do we keep going from “All the paperwork is done so we just have to place the order and Sharp will ship ASAP” to, “yeah guys it’s gonna be October/November”. If that was ASAP, which it might be, you still should have said so from the begging and not still saying September.

Eve is too risky a company to back in the future. Hope the V in my hands will change my mind, but honestly I’m not super confident in that anymore. It’s been nothing but delays and slow corporate machines the whole way.

I had the opportunity to buy the exact same equivalent SP4 including the keyboard and pen for 10$ less that same day. I didn’t because I thought what Eve was doing was going to make a difference and would be better in the long run. Looked at it as giving back to the tech industry, hoping Eve would give some other companies a wake up call. But it isn’t and it hasn’t.

All the way you have failed to stand up to the very corporate ideas you wanted to surpass. Got screwed by the “undisclosed corporate screen suplyer” and then ran into Sharps crazy slow ordering/shipping process and have no control of your own shipping schedule yet again. You see the irony in your fancy website right?

And before anyone smashes my digital face into the pavement with hate comments know that I’m not mad or upset just lost all my initial excitement. All the hype from the last update faded after nearly three weeks of no updates or progress. I still wish Eve the best and hope to get my V by Nov. But I’m moving on to bigger and better things until then. Not gonna sit on these forums every morning and evening waiting for so miracle of good news that isn’t going to come. I consider my $980 lost until it ships to my door.

I expect it to be a good product and probably worth the money, but not worth the time and stress. I just don’t expect anything more than that. Probably won’t change the future market viewpoint at this point in time. Maybe next time it will go better.


The thing is…asap means exactly that. It has been as soon as it’s possible…ie it has to perculate through sharp’s process …and they’re a global company with massive operations and customers.