One liner update [01.09]



The connection is marked with the Thunderbolt symbol :zap::cloud_with_lightning:, so it should be a Thunderbolt 3 connection.


True. Tough sh*t, this is business and things like this happen, especially to newbies. They will have to recover somehow, for example making V2 as soon as Feb next year that would again be better than everyone else. But this is their problem. By then I will stop following the market and will be just using my V. I hope.


A dedicated dock as well as a separate eGPU would help cement loyalty among the enthusiast crowd. This would also provide Eve with additional revenues and therefore should get started on right away.

After that I agree, Eve will have to do a refresh for the V sooner rather than later. Not sure about February though, maybe summer.

They should also simultaneously work on a Surfacebook like product for people looking for a more powerful laptop/convertible/whatever.


There will not be a refresh of the V any time soon. If and when we refresh the V it should be a meaningful upgrade, not just a spec bump to keep up with whatever the highest number is that Intel can think of at the moment.


I second the idea of battery comparison.
It will probably determine whether I will upgrade or not.


If this is an official statement from EVE - this could harm them.


Thanks Konstantinos! When will the second batch ship? My feeling is January or later, well over a year since the campaign. Will you be drawing the remaining funds in January or when the units actually ship?


That is bummer if you have the screen by the end of september. I hope really that you have those marvelous screen asap. I wish that i have my V by the end october or early november or the date when the V has gone live in indiegogo that will be one year. I wish my best to all of you . Good luck that you will receive into 2 weeks and not 4 weeks. That will be really good everybody who follow this incredible device and also journey.


No, I don’t think so. Products lose their value if newer ones come out quickly. People who bought the iPhone 7 must be bummed out that their phone we that was redesigned last year is being redesigned again.


With iPhone - that’s norm and everyone knows when new is coming …

Issue for EVE I see in problem that big group of people is still looking for PC by processor, RAM and HDD . In couple month - EVE would not be the top of all and there is another issue - not many people know about EVE and their V will not be in stores and on Amazon so for many buying from them is potential risk/unknowns about quality, service, delivery, etc. (adding that first delivery was delayed for 8-9+ month).
So there will be one of many for technical specs (in some cases lower as they do not plan to upgrade to newest Inter processors). From price perspective - there is no big difference from some incoming similar devices from more known companies (Acer).

And one more thing - for companies they are basically lost as I don’t think they can offer discounts if someone is buying in hundreds of units. From my experience - Dell, Acer, Microsoft have no problem to offer discounts from 15 % (Microsoft with added 2year MS Complete [$250] and 2 year licence for MS Office [$200] for free with their Surface lines), 20-25 % (Dell) or up to 30 % (Acer).


Plainly worded.

If the schedule you have for delivery hits the absolute latest you’ve estimated for… does this then leave enough time for an October delivery?

Or realistically is it November that is more likely.

It really is stunning that delivery has gone from February to October and possibly November. :confused:

At what point do we go from acceptable to unacceptable or is it always going to have to be acceptable? Part of me feels like I’m going to resent my V and investment in this :frowning:


The Acer Switch 7 Black Edition will be available in North America in December with prices starting at $1,699; and in EMEA in December starting at €1,999.



My guess based on previous information is that it will be a November/December timeframe if they don’t get the screens until end of this month.


No, 620 is actually more powerful than 615. And in addition to that, it even has a dedicated GPU.


How much time will it take to build the devices after you have the screens?


Taking the worst case shipping time frame, is it possible to at least now provide the fulfillment month? Oct? Nov?


Based on the schedule in my post. Shipment will be done in October!


Best or worst case?
202020 20


mb, i thought we had 620 in our Y chip but apparently thats for the U series.
My point was the 620 and the 620 UHD are practically the same performance wise.


Literally the first time I hear about “UHD graphics”… Seems to be rebranded 620. But don’t forget we’re talking about Intel 615 vs Nvidia MX150 here…