One liner update [01.09]



I don’t think sharp will do that with 2 shipments.


Well, depends on what you need, for me it will still be the best:

  • awesome screen, no other Surface-style tablet has such a good screen
  • great battery runtime, I would guess that Acer will be worse, even when just browsing and typing
  • silent, silent, SILENT
  • no throttling
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • ports
  • fair repair prices after warranty end

There is not a single other 2-in1 that has 16GB RAM, a great screen, is silent under all circumstances and has great battery runtime. Whatever else you buy, you have to take one of those features away.

So, yeah, for me personally, it will still be the best.

Edit: Assuming the Acer with discrete graphics and bigger screen will have much worse battery runtime, even if the screen is not as good and not as bright as they mostly do it.


Fingers crossed… trying to keep the faith :wink:


Why don’t you go get one then?
The V is the kind of device that suits the whole philosophy of the community, not just a specification list. That is the reason that most of us got involved in the first place. There will always be competitors, but there will only be one V. The device that broke away from the status quo. Some might feel that the delivery is a little long in the tooth, but how much of a build of excitement would you get from your new Acer?
I know for one that I will thoroughly enjoy every bit of my V, since I feel like a proud dad, being there through every stumble, dusting off the knees, and offering words of encouragement to keep on going. I’ve never held my V, never seen it in person, never run my hands over the alcantara, or fiddled with the keyboard backlight colours, but there’s one thing I know about it - you can’t put the kind of love and support into an off-the-shelf item that this community has put into the V. I love this community, and I love my V.


Ya i’m assuming that since Acer did not release how much ram the device has, no mention of battery life, etc. that whatever wasn’t mention must be because there is nothing special about those specific areas/items.


Model Acer Switch 7 Black Edition (SW713-51GNP)
Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Screen 13.5”, FHD+ (2256 x 1504) IPS display
Stylus Wacom EMR technology with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and pen tilt support
Processor Intel® CoreTM i7-8550U
Memory 16 GB of onboard LPDDR3 memory
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce MX150 (Intel UHD Graphics 620, Optimus)
Storage 512GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD
Dimensions 329.4 (W) x 229.7 (D) x 9.99 (H) mm (pad only)
Weight 1.15 kg (tablet only), 1.55 kg (with pad and keyboard)
Battery Life Up to 10 hours
Wireless 2x2 802.11 ac
Ports (Unconfirmed) 1 x USB 3.0 Standard-A, 1 x Thunderbolt, 3,5mm headphone
Rear Camera 5MP, 1080p Full HD audio/video recording
Front camera 720p HD audio/video recording


Just a rebrand of the kabylake U series 620 nothing new here.


Really awsome specs!


4 core U (not Y) processor + GeForce MX150 …


Just missing info about available ports.


look at what i have actually quoted bro



Given that when the webstore opens the prices for the V will be about $100-200 higher than for us early birds - the Acer is attractively priced! It evens includes Windows 10 Pro edition for no additional cost.

While I’m sure the V will do fine, there is no question that this 6 month delay has cost Eve tremendously in terms of lost potential sales. Imagine if the webstore opened to the general public in the summer instead of the end of this year, the market would have been wide open. Now the V will face competition from other 2 in 1s that have more or less caught up to the V.


You may have a point there, but… it overlooks something what is important too:

In this time of augmented reality, imagine the V was ours since April or May.
The whole forum (I suppose :wink:) should now be reasonable frustration free.
No early bird would think he was somehow mistreated because specs alike -or better specs Acer / Lenovo / or whatever is announced for December.
The V specs were defined in its time by the community, we ordered and that is the V we own now.
This sounds bit virtual reality off course :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, but nobody would have thought of wanting to change the specs of the computer he owns.
And nobody would be thoroughly frustrated when his specs changing demands are considered beyond reality.
All the urgent spec changing demands (kind off you are late, that is not my fault so you are supposed to agree with what I’m asking. If not I will get even more frustrated) includes a kind of virtual reality.


Whoo! Unfair post choice SSD upgrades, my joy is boundless.

@Konstantinos if the screens arrive from sharp at the very latest on the delivery estimate will we still be getting the V in October or will it be November?


Am I alone in not being bothered in the slightest about a 1TB option? I can see why it appeals to some, just not for me.

Never like the idea of a single point of failure, especially in a portable device. In the days of cloud storage, micro SD etc a huge capacity tablet seems overkill.


Same here, don’t even need those 512G tbh. Files are stored on my own small server, for additional needs I have SD card. However this assumes a ‘mainstream’ use of the device. If one has to work with huge files (CAD, video, photo, geolocation etc) I understand why some might want 1TB.

But we get off-topic :slight_smile:


The first week of October is the national holiday in China. So… The hyper bird devices by the end of October, early bird devices by the end of November and webstore open by the mid of December… Sigh…

I have to say Im a little bit frustrated by the delivery date. Ive waited since May and not to mention the early birds like many of u guys waited even longer. I cannot believe one error could cause such a longthy delay.

Don’t get me wrong, I love eve-v. It has everything I wanted from an ultimate computing device by the time. But I need a device to work, I do not think I can wait till Xmas…

Plus more powerful devices are coming along during the holiday season - discount, better spec. I do hope eve v can do well facing the competitions.

Forget to mention the mixed reality devices would require more powerful gpu, that’s another bit on the v.

We will see. Finger crossed.


Thanks for support as always dudes! I promise to answer as many questions as possible when I know exact timeline.

Right now we have all of the components in the warehouse and we are ready to move ahead as soon as we get the screen. Keyboards are assembled as well!


There are no Acer Switch 7 specs for ports but from photos I’ve deducted the following:

There is one USB 3.0/3.1 Standard-A, one Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) and one 3,5mm headphone connection.
So, not a lot of ports and they seem to be all on the right hand side.

On the right hand side is also a round recharging connector i.e. there is a separate recharging connector instead of using the Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) connection.

At the bottom of the right hand side is also a slot for a MicroSD memory card.

There doesn’t seem to be any ports on the left hand side, just a power button and volume rocker underneath it. And at the top on the left hand side is a cavity for the stylus.


Thanks for answers - that’s I found too. Just a question - are you sure it is TB3/USB-C port and not only USB-C one?