One liner update [01.09]



In another topic ( How about Youtube Livestream) a similar Question was ask and he replied with 2 threads:

I love the idea of a livestream since all the question which are floating around in this forum (or at least some of them) can be answered directly and Im sure they will talk (or get asked) about the delivery date of the V


You missed it. It was no full update but konsta said they are still in delivery. Problems with costoms I think it was.


Thanks for sharing that here. I wasn’t watching that thread :slight_smile:


Hi there!

There is no problems with customs. We are waiting for final delivery confirmation. Me and other guys from the team will meet Sharp team in Singapore next week. So expect big update end of next week during and after livestream.

Stay tuned!


Damn I live in Singapore…any chance you guys want food recommendations @Konstantinos? :wink:

Edit: or show me the V and I’ll show you food :smile:


I will have very little time there as I will need to fly back to Taipei but we could meet! PM me your phone no so I could add you in What’s app!


Where did u get the info? Horrible.

The CEO said they will confirm the delivery timeline by next week (in the YouTube streaming post)


That info was totally false as said by Konsta in the next post


We could propose to migrate the ‘only frustrated’ messages to a special topic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As such the relevant info will be left on this topic and will be easy to find.
Still thinking about what name to choose though . . .


@Ho_Yi_Lee will you come to HK meetup?


Sorry boss. I won’t join the meet up


Where are you from btw:)?


Born and live in HK …


Well, we are super happy to see you if you have time!


I don’t know if you guys ever be able to come to India


Thx for ur invitation


Another taker for SG if theres gonna be drinks…


Don’t you have any form of tracking on the screens?


They have not been shipped yet. Shipping doesnt take much time.


I’m sure they will, but they have not been sent. We are still waiting for sharp to send them. If they had been sent, we would have an eta.