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It’s… not?



it’s a IGZO panel



I was under the impression that IGZO referred to the transistor type, not the actual panel tech, which would still be IPS. Have I misunderstood the tech?


Hiya @diegofcc!

As I’ve already said in your dedicated topic and as @inffy has mentioned right now, the SSD won’t slow down shipments of the V.

We can’t offer you a ‘shipping upgrade’ to ship earlier than the 1TB units as there’s no delay from the 1TB SSDs. :slight_smile:


Actually IPS (In-plane Switching) is just one type of a Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display or TFT-LCD.

And you are absolutely correct, IGZO (Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide) is a semiconducting material used for TFT-LCD backplane transistors. The other material usually used for these TFT-LCD backplane transistors is amorphous Silicon (aSi).

Compared to amorphous Silicon (aSi), IGZO backplane transistors have a lot higher electron mobility, so their conductivity is just as good at a much smaller size.

Conductivity depends on electron mobility and mass. Higher electron mobility means less mass is required for the same conductivity.

With its small size thin film transistors compared to aSi thin film transistors, IGZO is useful for high density displays. At high density aSi thin film transistors would start to block a significant amount of the backlight, requiring more power to the backlight to compensate. This increases exponentially as the pixel density increases.

Less backlight is needed with IGZO-TFT-LCDs to get the display to a certain brightness. So all-in-all for current TFT-LCDs like IPS monitors, IGZO mostly translates into some power savings.

There is no difference in image quality or accuracy between an aSi-TFT-LCD IPS display and an IGZO-TFT-LCD IPS display.


Just quoted about the ssd to parallel an upgrade option. We talk a lot about tech upgrades, but not about service upgrades. One of the things a company is well known as well is not just their technology, but their service as well, so there could be some innovation on it as well.
Always respecting the privileges of the Hyper Early birds. Just don’t see the need of waiting for 2000 screens to be ready to ship them, when the second batch of 500 could be sent earlier as well if some of us wanted that earlier delivery.


Even with ten thousand screens on stock, production takes time.


What are you talking about? The screens are coming and they are going to be used for hyper early birds first. If sharp sends them in batches eve can also send the Vs for HEBs.

Why would it be good to offer someone to buy their way to the top of the queue. That kind of thing destroys your userbases trust.


This kind of discussions emerge when the info is given in “indigogo vocabulary”.
Kind of "congratulations, you are individually selected out of the whole world population to know when you are going to die ! "
Filtering the “everything is positive” language from the post we receive leaves us with one secure information: the V will arrive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Language barrier…

I have never intended to go over HEBs, the Upgrade I was wondering was for delivery after the HEBs.

There is just a spoken possibility that there could be delivered in the first batch of 500 to be able and deliver HEBs. My suggestion is for what is happening next.

It has never been my intention to go over the idea neither those privileges.

Anyways, I´m happy I´m getting my Eve at some point, just want to end the year with it in my hands.


I have an IGZO panel, and the colors invert (grey becomes lighter than white, because the white turns yellow) when you look at the screen from above and the side. While the viewing angles are not as bad as a TN panel, they are not as good as the IPS display I have. Of course, you don’t notice it in normal usage, and it’s never bothered me. I don’t know whether that’s common to all IGZO panels.


You’re misunderstanding what IGZO is. Read @mirv’s excellent reply above.


Here an illustration (an example), why the small transistor size is preferable.

Basically, a smaller transistor means a bigger aperture for the backlight to shine through.


Not really, what the point is that it is not a flaw of the technology but quality, or looking at it from the other way of what consumers accept nowadays and so what manufacturers have guts to produce and sell…


Thanks for the explanation!


No worries, you’re welcome!


Don’t forget to account for ot express shipping


Hey guys, is there any chance of any new pictures or videos of the EVE with the new screen to help in the down time between updates?


see Konstatinos post


I’ve been following this thread but don’t think I’ve seen an update from @Konstantinos about the shipping timeline. It’s been almost 2 weeks since this thread started - best case is the screens should be shipping tomorrow. They were meant to confirm the detailed schedule a week ago.

If it has been answered and I’ve missed it I apologise. It is a fairly important thing - I think it would be better addressed as a new update rather than a comment in the existing thread. With 220+ comments on this one it is a bit hard to find things quickly.