One liner update [01.09]



just my 0,5 cents: Let the hardworking team working hard.
But they could calm the use of that indigogo language a bit. :no_mouth:


It does so far. It was even a little bit better than expected as I could game on it very fine. It’s an i7 16gb 512gb. With student discount for under 2600€ with keyboard pen and arc mouse included. They even want to do an usbc dongle for the surface connector. I hope it will last a complete day on university with one note. But with the usb dongle I may even be able to extend the life with a powerbar. I even cannot hear the fan in normal environment. Only under gaming performance while loading you could “hear” it. But the game sounds are louder. For me it is a real nice piece of hardware. That’s why I wished eve had revealed there prices at least. To do a real comparison.


The current estimates are that the process once screens have arrived, it should take about a week for the whole assembly process.


With bonding, calibration, etc.? Where did you get this information?


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I don’t think the battery will last all day with one note. I was always plugging in my surface trying to drag some more use out of it in college :frowning:

It’s why I’m waiting for the V because nothing else will cut it regarding battery life. Surface really disappointed me with the battery :frowning:


Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday to everyone:slight_smile:

So when it comes to the timelines here’s what I have to say:

We are sharing information as we get it. We learned that the best thing we can do as Eve is to tell the truth to people who made us.

Based on previous experience we try to withold from making assumptions regarding timelines.

What I mean is that when we get delivery timeline from Sharp of up to 4 weeks we say as it is instead of telling that they will come in 2 and then coming up with excuses. When we don’t have information to share we don’t share it.

The fact that we did not have concrete information up to this point does not mean that we are not doing anything :slight_smile: We are having talks to Sharp and all the partners daily to make sure we can get our parts as soon as possible.

The main reason Sharp screen delivery takes a while is because it is a slow process. That’s it. We expedited it as much as possible and we now finally have delivery timelines.

As mentioned before a lot of the struggles we are having is partly to the fact that we chose not to have investors in our company telling us what to do. As a result we can’t throw money at the problems. But all of this experience makes us as a team much more prepared for whatever there is to come. So we are sure that as long as we have this awesome community behind us we will change this industry for better!

When you think of V and compare the Kabylake R devices the main advantage V has is the battery life (and amazing screen now) . I really can’t wait to see the battery performance of new Acer device.

Guys remember that soon we will have devices shipped and internet will be full of V reviews this community will be working on the next project and many more exciting things will happen.

No amount of frustration will affect the outcome right now. We will deliver a great device and then have fun going though pictures of community members around the world using V!

I agree that it is very hard to not have clear dates. So here is what we can do about it :slight_smile:

While the timeline that we got from Sharp now is delivery in up to 4 weeks and as Eve we can’t tell more as it would be speculating.

I can tell you my personal opinion. In my personal opinion Hyper early birds will get devices shipped in around 2-3 weeks after we receive the screens. So after we get screens in 2-4 weeks it will take another 2-3 weeks to ship.

After shipping Hyper early birds we will know how much time exactly it will take to ship Limited birds.

Meanwhile we are all waiting let us know what else you would like to know.

Have a great week ahead everyone! I hope we will have some amazing news to share this week!

Can we keep the Level of Frustration below 9000?

Thanks for answer (and partly confirming my speculated timeframe).


Hi @Konstantinos thanks for the update.

I have one question though. How many screens have been ordered now?
When the screens arrive and you finish assembling the hyper early bird batch are the screens for the limited bird batch already on site or do you have to wait for them to arrive? Would be nice if the assembly of the limited bird batch could seamlessly begin after finishing the first batch.


We have ordered 2700 screens in total and the lead time we were given is for that total quantity. So in up to for 4 weeks we will get 2700 screes.

We have also asked Sharp to ship screens partially of possible so like let’s say maybe 500 in 2 weeks and 2200 2 weeks later. Basically as soon as they have any quantity available


hi konstantinos,

Great update. I assume you will order new batch of screens at the meantime while assembling the hyper bird devices? A lot of us who did not have an opportunity to bid on igg really hope the web store will not delay further as well. I am sure we all understand how important the webstore means to eve and the future projects.

Personally, I love what the v is offering, but I cannot wait for a device to get delivered in the next year… Especially more powerful devices are coming around.

Another thing is I hope eve can start developing an egpu which can solve a lot of questions that members here might have.


Yes totally Noah, Webstore is super important for us. So we will open it up right after the delivery of Hyper early bird devices!

We will start discussing next projects such as an E gpu immediately after we ship!


Interesting device, fan-less device with MX150. But ask far as I know, MX 150 has two versions with TDP 25w and 8w. I think Acer is using 8w one, need to see how the performance is, but for sure still better then integrated GPU

Eve V vs. Competition!

May I have the original model of 256G/512G SSDs apart from the 1TB SM961 upgrade?


Hi Konstantinos,

Thanks for the update, it’s much more meaningful and while the time of upto (hopefully worst case) 8 weeks is disappointing, at least its a date to hope towards. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the delivery.


Original SSD we use is Intel 600p!

Thanks @so1us! We hope to cut that number down!


Of course, it’s sarcastic !

Seriously, when is the dead line to tell you what option we want (if upgrading to 1T is possible for early birds)?


Don’t worry, they haven’t even started to ask people about the upgrade.


OK, thanks for this clear answer


For those of us who did not pledge on indiegogo, what is the approximate timeline for the second batch? Any chance to get it in 2017?


Thanks for this in-depth post and sharing the situation as it is. Does improve the level of confidence in this forum, doesn’t it?