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Hi guys!

This is an official FAQ thread about BackerKit.

So let’s get started!

A: Great Question!

Basically the plan is as follows:

  1. We send out test devices to community members for testing,

  2. We finish up certification and adjust devices based on community feedback.

  3. Then we ship out first 500 devices.

  4. After first 500 V’s are shipped. And ONLY after that we will send out Vs to reviewers and open up our web store to sell more Vs :). We will not start any sales before first backers have their Vs shipped. (So we have big incentive here to ship V’s out within timeline guys :slight_smile: )

  5. After first 500 devices are shipped it will take us around 1 month to produce Limited Birds and send them out to backers.

  6. After that we will ship people who placed an order in our newly open web store.


A: You can pay with debit/credit card of your choice or PayPal.
You can use different payment method from the one you used in IndieGoGo. It´s no problem! [quote=“fanoftech4life, post:8, topic:4629, full:true”]
Can people downgrade or can they only upgrade? And if it’s the latter, will it be specifically to the i7 version or can someone upgrade from m3 to i5?
A: You can also upgrade from m3 to i5 but you will need to message Backerkit support (there will be a link in the email).

We don’t do downgrades at this point as we have already committed to a production forecast by making the advance payment for the both batches. We can always pay more but vendors are not willing to drop the configuration.

A: Yes absolutely! We will have special customer clearance option for Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Norway and Japan. It will be the first thing you’ll see in the email:) If your shipping address is in the US or EU you do not need to order this add on as you taxes are already prepaid!

A: Yep Exactly! Look above for more details. We would recommend you to get your device shipped to the US then

A: Here´s how it works. During the IndieGoGo you have already paid for shipping and the amount you paid, 50 USD in our case for shipping to Canada, will come to you as credit. So if you confirm the order you would not need to pay anything extra for shipping. Based on a lot of requests we received during the campaign we also provide a special service to people from Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and Australia, which allows you to have us clear device from customs. So V will come straight to your door. In that case you need to add 69 USD on top of 50 USD paid already as it will be used for customs clearance. If you would like to do customs clearance yourself you don´t have to pay anything extra.

A: That´s how it works in Backerkit. You have extras purchased before coming to you as credit. This is done to make sure you get items you wanted. So if you would like to change V zipper sleeve to V magnetic sleeve it can be done using extra credit.

A: We will use 2 main form factors for localised layouts. ISO and ANSI. European layouts use ISO while US, Japan and some other countries use ANSI. Have a look at this article if you´d like to know the difference between ANSI and ISO layouts.

A: You are correct! Hyper eary bird i7 is the best deal out there. Well Hyper ealy birds deserve it :slight_smile:

A: It´s a mistake in our end. Sorry for that. We have changed sleeve pricing now. Its 29 USD again. You don’t need to pay anything extra. Just revisit your survey and you will see new pricing.

A: The Box :wink: , Eve V, charger with plug for your country, 2,5 meter charging cable.

A: We have discussed it with our team and have just added this option to the survey. To add extra keyboard you can revisit the survey using the link in the order confirmation email.

A: Cables will be black but more matt. Small detail but wanted to let you know :slight_smile:

A: it’s 50 cm so half a meter.

A: 4k@60Hz[quote=“Thospa, post:49, topic:4629”]
I would have loved to see more dongles/adapters for DP, USB3, etc… now I’m stuck between ordering the Eve extra or checking out Amazon for a might be better product (for my purposes) which I cannot test yet :frowning:

A: We have or focus now on making V perfect. We are quite a small team and creating too many accessories at the same time is not a good idea when we are about to ship our first batch of Vs. We will definitely add more accessories as we go. Now most of the time and effort went into figuring various layouts out as we have soo many of them :slight_smile:

A: It´s a mistake on our end. Sorry :disappointed:. Reach out to our support we’ll fix it. We are now actually fixing it to all of the m3 hyper early birds. It seems that those people got affected.

A: Definitely we will! It should be sent out today (Monday) at 3-9 pm Helsinki time

A: Currently layouts seem to be the toughest part of this project. But no worries we will figure everything out. We act as one big team here guys (I mean Eve team and people). We will post all of the layout pics after surveys are finalised by people. And lets make changes from there. I am sure we will sort things out. Thats the reason many laptop vendors don’t sell globally online. As customising layouts for few people is very tough production wise. But as said we will figure things out! Community on Top… You know how the rest goes :slight_smile:

A: It comes in the box with the device. It is user applicable. We could have applied it by default but many users were against such solution :slight_smile:

A: Good question! We will charge people who used cards before 28th of February. So no worries! [quote=“Patrick_Hermawan, post:71, topic:4629”]
Is there an option to have cheaper HDMI adapter? 29 dollars for an HDMI adapter is a bit too high since there are adapters for $10 outside. Remember, not everybody needs HDMI 2.0, if that is the reason behind the high price.

A: We priced it based on the pricing we’ve got from our vendor currently (really big company making cables for top brands). We were scouting for various vendors for cables and adaptors. Current one we found matches our quality requirements. This is what we feel comfortable putting Eve brand on. We of course understand that we are not the only accessory provider:)

A: Wall plugs are universal. The one that is included in the box comes is fitted with the plug that works for your shipping address. When it comes to having a cable between charger and the wall we could not find such options in the market that would be USB C certified (wouldn’t kill other devices) and have 36W power output while having the additional cable between the charger itself and the wall socket.

This is a repost from Indiegogo. Making sure you don’t miss the news!

Hello all you great people!

Thank you very much for traveling this journey with us!

Tomorrow (Monday 30.1.2017 Finnish time) we are sending out the confirmation
emails, which include a survey. This survey is hosted by our partner
BackerKit, and it allows you to:

  • Pay the remaining balance, if you purchased a “Limited Bird” reservation perk for your V during our Indiegogo campaign. Upgrade your V computer to the i7 model, if you previously purchased the m3 or i5 model. Yay!

  • Get the great Eve V accessories, to make your package the perfect one for you!

  • Confirm your shipping address, and to make sure all your items are included in your order.

Feel free to send us greetings as well!

Be quick to act!

We have given a lucky person $100 as a bonus
credit to their account! We remove this credit after 48 hours, so make
sure to act immediately on the survey, to see if you are the lucky

Have a great week ahead! With us!

Best Regards,
The whole gand of Eve

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Thanks for posting this in the forum, as I did have a question: you mention that people who have reserved an m3 can upgrade to an i7. Does that mean it is not possible to go from an m3 to an i5?



For that you’ll need to write to support section in the email. Backerkit guys will help you out!


Sorry for being picky, but could you seperate these sentences more clearly? On the IGG page it’s obvious, but in this forum post on the first read I was pretty sure you were telling us that only limited birds get the option to upgrade their model, while hyper early birds are stuck with the model they chose initially.


Fixed. Thanks for pointing out. Fixed! Everyone will be able to upgrade to i7 now. We had good order volume for that model so we are quite flexible with swapping to it.


What payment methods will be accepted using BackerKit?

  • Credit cards
  • Paypal


@Konstantinos: Is the $100 bonus only showing on one account that still has an outstanding balance, meaning the limited birds? Or does it count for one buyer despite of that (if it is on the account - which account btw, the IGG one?) and that person can use the dollars for the add-ons we require?

All nervous… tomorrow is the day. And the wait still is sooo long :wink:


Can people downgrade or can they only upgrade? And if it’s the latter, will it be specifically to the i7 version or can someone upgrade from m3 to i5?


Hey Konstantinos. I was in the assumption that getting the option to upgrade their model also included a switch from core m3 to i5 version. This was my intention and saw some people asked for this before inside the community. Could you confirm this option to be possible too?


:wink: That means that can be anyone of us, but definitely not all of us, lol… that would be too much :smile:


I believe he’s asking if any one of us can get it or if only one of the limited birds :stuck_out_tongue:
I believe all of us could have that bonus. He’s baiting us into buying more stuff! :smiley:


I get that and that’s how I meant it. I altered my text to make it more clear.


Hi dudes!

Both cards and PayPal are supported. As for the upgrade you can also upgrade from m3 to i5 but you will need to message Backerkit support (there will be a link in the email).

We don’t do downgrades at this point as we have already committed to a production forecast by making the advance payment for the both batches. We can always pay more but vendors are not willing to drop the configuration.

Bonus will be assigned randomly and only one person will get it. Hyper early birds can get it too and will be able to spend it on accessories:)


So you’re saying, downgrading is not an option “at this point”, but possibly in the (not too distant) future? Just curious, because I’m still not quite sure whether to stick with what I’ve got (i7 model) or switch/downgrade to i5.


You could always try and trade it in the official buying/selling thread if you want a lesser model: [Official] Buyers/Sellers Waitinglist - ENDED!
There might be someone willing to take you up on it.


What happens to the people whom transferred a spot from another person? We (I) cannot logon to IndieGoGo and see any options for the Eve V tablet campaign or an option to upgrade to the i7 version.

Also, will we (those whom transferred the spots to) receive the email for the final payment?

Thank you – Cameron


I’d like to see some finalized layouts before choosing which one to get. Would that be possible?


@ToiletSheep we will put out layouts after the confirmation email. As some layouts have so few people currently that they no Backer will update to them. As a result we would make spend a lot of time creating layouts people won’t need. Here is our idea regarding layouts. We will have 2 keyboard modules one using ISO layout and the other one ANSI layout. Based on those 2 modules we will create different localisations(laser printing on the keyboard module)

We will show layouts here before pushing them to production. So we should not be in a sittuation that we produce unusable layouts.

@cninham no worries there. You don’t really need it login to indie gogo anymore. Everything from this point is handled through Backerkit that has way more intuitive interface. You will be able to make a swap as well as update any of your info there.


Can we have photos of the various accessories on offer please to help make our choice tomorrow?




Hey guys, I remember @netkid23 mentioning there may be some special logistics set up for the guys in Canada, where shipping would include all tariffs and duties, similar to the U.S. and Europe. What was the final outcome?