[OFFICIAL] Eve Status Update + Q&A


UPDATE: Community has created minutes of the video. You can view them here

Hi dear community!

We’ve promised you that we’ll publish a status update as well as answer your questions - so we worked hard throughout the whole day and shot the videos until 18.30PM to bring you the latest status updates as well as answers to your questions in an Q&A!

(We’ve split it up so you’ve got shorter videos & can link them if you want)

More videos will be added as soon as I got a stable connection :wink:


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(Also: FIRST!)


Don’t forget this one :wink:



Hey guys! Just going through the videos. It’s pretty amazing that you’ve delivered so many. I appreciate it, just like I appreciate the honesty and care behind them.
Hearing about the - spoiler! - small delay was not easy, but I absolutely understand that it’s sometimes simply necessary to deliver product that will not disappoint not only customers, but also creators. Rushed experience is rarely if ever as good as it should be.

Now. To the other videos! Again, thank you for them. It’s refreshing and cool. : )

EDIT: I’m very disappointment in KK choice of sweater for the videos. I know he does have some that are ridiculously better!


I had planned to go to bed early, now I have to watch all these videos. Yeeehaw! :heart_eyes:


Regarding eGPU:

Ok guys you want great housing. But there are already devices for this price and I don’t really see why you would make yet another one… However, there is one solution.
No housing.
I’m dead serious here - why doesn’t anyone make a semi-DIY kit? You could just sell us a PCB with cable and a backplate for standard PC case. Basically an ATX/ITX/whatever motherboard form factor.
That way it would be affordable, probably the majority of the cost would be removed. And we, the buyers, could just put it in any PC case we want.

In the end, there are already plenty of products that have nice boxes and cost a fortune. You don’t need to do the same. You can be different and original.


funny I thought the exact same thing.


Well, sorry for multiple replies, but I can’t hold myself xD
This time, about Fn… There is no industry standard on this one, as pretty much every laptop either sends a completely different code or doesn’t send one at all. But I really hope you guys can specifically ask the manufacturer to assign one to it :wink:


Another question that came up after watching the videos - regarding the battery in the keyboard. Will there be a warning that the battery is low? (occasional flash of the backlight similar to the annoying beep of a smoke detector as the battery dies?)


That’s a lot of videos! Managed to watch most of them but not all, not right now.

Funny to see you in the store comparing your own device to other devices :smiley:


You could use the delay to also integrate that fancy Fn notification light :innocent:


Well people wanted updates and WOW did you guys deliver lol.

I’m totally for any delays so that you guys can release a product that is to the borg standard you envisioned. I think it’s a BRILLIANT approach. And let us all not forget No Man’s Sky.

Edit: I just spent over an hour watching this instead of studying. Please shoot me.


Peter, Respect! I’m a left handed too :slight_smile:


Great work guys & thanks for all the videos, now I’ve went through all of them. Seems that I’m in a need of a new computer as the battery of the current one (5 year old HP Elitebook 8560w) died at around 4 mins before the last video ended… :flushed:

One thing that I have learned during my work career, @Konstantinos and @iKirin, is that any project can be measured in three dimensions; cost, quality and schedule. Make any two and you’re in the target. Make all three and you’re a max performer. When it comes to Eve V, I, as a stakeholder for the project, appreciate that you keep quality as the most important measure for the project. Schedule, to certain extent, can be changed.

Another proposal for the status updates to community, a very quick and easy way to provide updates is to provide it beneath three headers; “Achievements for last period”, “Next steps” and “Concerns/Open questions”. This kind of an status update in written won’t take more than few mins of your time.


Didn’t know there were any shareholders apart from Konstantinos and Mike :wink:


Thanks for the lengthy and complete update and all your work! I’m really looking forward to the first reviews and stress tests in the following weeks by the testers!

PS: Bless you, @Konstantinos, but you should really start sneezing in your elbow pit to reduce the germs spreading :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I completely agree. Also, lets not forget that so far, the delay is (leaving aside an argument about the semantics of Feb/March) just one week. In a project like this, with a timeline of a year (or something like that) a week is really a small price to pay, especially when its a trade-off between delivery and quality.

Konstantinos mentioned in one of the videos that the reason big firms meet their scheduled deadlines is massive budgets. There is another reason though: Most firms (just like movie studios) don’t even give exact dates for their product until it is close to a preview presentation. Eve mentioned their deadline from the beginning, and while it is too bad , the reality is that nowadays, many products or larger scale projects miss deadlines.


Thank you so much!!! Content-wise that is exactly what I wanted, but something to read would be much better :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no problems about the delay, but it should be communicated openly (also why the delay is there) and timely. You did well in deciding to go for quality! But please keep us informed.

No I got even more questions:

  • Will the Microsoft Surface Dial work with V?
  • Will there be a special BIOS by Eve?
  • Any coil whine with the prototypes?

I’ve written some minutes of all videos in the following topic, feel free to add your outcomes of the videos:


One week is no big deal, I know there will be people upset but as I stated already I would rather the V be right rather than delivered a week earlier. Thanks for the effort in putting together the videos, and I look forward to your next batch, albeit smaller in a couple of weeks.