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I just don’t really understand why you think Blackberry dock is better than Microsoft… The way you described it, they both fit in the “traditional” category


I never stated that the Blackberry Dock was better@Artur simply was asking about docks that double as stand/have a groove within them I provided the blackberry dock as example that responded to his query


Well, sorry, I misunderstood you then. Especially the “instead of the original surface dock” part. Thanks for clearing that up


the instead was in reference to form factor .


But they both share the exact same form factor…


I am not a designer so for give the lack of design specific terminology : The playbook dock supports the device and elevates it while the Microsoft dock “hugs” the device at an angle I consider that a different form factor !

“Form factor is an aspect of design which defines and prescribes the size, shape, and other physical specifications of hardware components, particularly in electronics and electronic packaging.” - Wikipedia

“The physical size and shape of a piece of computer hardware.”


I know what form factor is. :wink: Thing is, they both support the device. And I really don’t see a reason to prefer one over the other, except that Surface dock has more ports…


That’s the “finger scoop” so that you can easily open up the kickstand


Could this be the Power supply ? (from mozo Instagram !)


Why not? Looks pretty good to me.


Lol, to me it looks a bit too DIY’ish :smiley: I really hope that’s not what we get with the PF xD


It isn’t complete :joy:


Well, I thought so too, but when Artur said “looks pretty good”, I thought… wait, wtf, is it supposed to look this way? :joy:


I was joking haha I don’t even know if that thing is safe to use :joy:


Since we’re charging via USB-C (I should add this to the confirmed specs…), this is not our power supply since those plugs seem to be USB-A :wink:


USB-A on one end, USB-C on the other…


I should have implied that …it appears just to be figuring out the shape of the charging brick using clay(in a similar fashion to how car designers sculpting clay cars) …Cables of course could be changed!


While possible, please take the quest to find a USB-A cable that support USB Power Delivery 2.0 (PD 2.0 for short).
I’ve read through the standard and while it seems that you CAN make a USB-A cable that complies with the PD 2.0 standard, I’ve not yet seen a single one - or a power-supply that supports PD 2.0 via USB-A.
I find quite a bunch 'though with PD 2.0 and USB-C 'though.

But I think that definitely having a USB-A-port on the charger as well would be a nice touch.

EDIT: Also a problem that would come up with going USB-A to USB-C is that with a non PD 2.0 compliant USB-A - USB-C cable charging the PF would be limited quite a bit - I’m not sure on the fallback routine, but if it doesn’t fallback to the “old” PD-standard it’d charge with 5V 2A at most which would definitely confuse a huge bunch of people that don’t read into this that much.


Oh, sorry, i forgot about those extra power pins… They could be replicated by using some data pins on the A connector (a charger doesn’t need to transfer data), but that would indeed create some confusion as not all cables would work.


Or make the cable C to C, have a C and USB A on the brick.