Official Accessory ideas

  • Yes I would like to see Official Accessories
  • No I would rather just buy a generic/other brand
  • No But I would like to see EVE “approve” 3rd party products

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What Official Accessories would you like to see designed Eve…I listed a few below but chime in !

  • Docking station
  • Carrying Case(soft)
  • Carrying Case (hard)
  • Hard shell ( similar to incase mac covers)
  • Backpack
  • External Battery Pack
  • USB Type C to HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/USB

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**The USB Type C would be a mini dongle similar to the dell 470-ABQN


So, I personally would like to see some Eve accessories! :slight_smile:

I’m 100% voting for a docking station since that would be really nice to have at home - or a soft carrying case to keep the dirt of my Computer One :wink:

Also a USB to HDMI/VGA adapter is something I’d like to see :slight_smile:


What kind of docking station are you interested in seeing ?

A) An external brick like the latest surface dock

B) A dock that you can “slide” into

C)A dock that can be vesa mounted ( a more professional version of )


Ideally I’d want a dock which you get the compact design of the external brick and the convenience of doubling it as a stand for the PF. Maybe have a foldable part? A groove within the dock?

What do you think?


What kind of dock are we talking about? Just a USB hub? Because for me PF has enough ports, except that USB C is useless compared to A (I’d rather have 4x A) and that it lacks HDMI. But that’s just one adapter…


I’d like to have a surface pro 4 like dock with at least:

•4 usb a for peripherals like keyboards, mice and external drives

•1 Ethernet port

• Audio input, Audio output

• 2 HDMI ports

• 1 USB c for power supply

EDIT: 1 SD card reader

I guess this should be enough for most people :wink:

I’d like to use the dock stationary on my Desk so I don’t have to fiddle around with all cables etc. every time.

[Poll] How about make a Eve brand docking station/hub?

What shape/format would you like to see the dock, if you look at my response ^ I put links to the two “official” surface docks.


I’d like to have a ‘brick’ like the current surface dock.


@Artur would somthing like Blackberry Tablet dock pictured below be what you had in mind(edit:in terms of form factor) with all the ports on the back /side compactly integrated instead of the original surface dock(second picture)

(the Original surface dock)


Dock could take many different forums …see my response to IKirin !


Umm, but what’s the point in having that Blackberry dock? The only thing it can do is charge your device. You can charge it without dock too. And in either case, you only plug in one cable. I really don’t see myself or anyone else spending a penny on it… Sure, it makes sense with the Blackberry tablet because it acts as a kickstand. But our tablet already has one, so why should we get this dock?

Surface dock, on the other hand, adds more ports. And you can leave everything plugged into it, so when you come back home you just plug in one wire (or slide your tablet into the dock) and everything’s instantly connected. Printer, mouse+keyboard, monitor, ethernet etc.


Yes like the Blackberry but with all the ports :smiley: And @pauliunas the thing is with a integrated stand, you can put the C1 in portrait mode :wink:

Ports I’d like to see:

  • 1 Ethernet
  • 1 HDMI
  • 2 USB A 3.1
  • 2 USB C
  • 1 Mini DisplayPort
  • 1 SD card slot
  • 1 Kensington lock
  • 1 Audio input and output


PF will have ports only on the side. So if you put it in portrait, the port won’t match to the connector…


You left out the external GPU!! Unless that is part of the dock?

Ideally I’d like a portable external GPU, so on the days I need to CAD in class or go meet friends and play some games, I can bring my portable eGPU along. It’s much more useful than a static dock that can only really be used at the desk. What I mean to say is, there’s no reason to make a big dock when you can make an effective portable one.

And especially considering the smaller nVidia 1060 and the AMD RX480 it should be totally doable to make a portable eGPU with decent cooling and a few extra ports (1 thunderbolt to connect to laptop, 1 thunderbolt for daisy chaining, charger port, HDMI, 2 USB A). See the Asus one for reference on size and ports.


@pauliunas @Artur is correct Its about the “form factor”


I am thinking that perhaps two or more types of docks are in order… a minimalist design/economical, a more mid range dock that has more ports and a larger dock that has room for external GPU…

I am not certain how small the external GPU units are but perhaps you are thinking more “dongle” rather then dock ?


We could have an L shaped dock ( ? ) if you take a look at the 3rd link in my response to Ikirin you will see the Microsoft garage 3d printed docking station “mod” that in essence is like a frame that wraps around the entire device and has potential to be mounted in a number of ways using a standard VESA bracket.

EDIT: What about the port like object along the bottom of the device per the images that were shown last month it looks awfully like some sort of proprietary connection that could be used for a dock !!


I will start another poll later this week so we can a better idea of what the docking station should look like / contain !


But they both have the same form factor… Or am I missing something? You can put the device into the dock, no cable required. Except tgat one of them has extra ports


I am not certain if I understand your question so please excuse the wall of text :

Traditional docking stations such as the larger surface dock or the blackberry dock or the Dell E-port series or Lenovo Thinkpad stands are all docking station where you attach the device to the dock with one port(often proprietary) connection without cables.These types of docks often lay flat below the device, place the device at an angle or “contain” the device in some fashion as such that the device when docked is able to be secured typically with a kensington style locking cable attached to the dock

Newer docking stations such as the surface docking “brick” or Dell WD15 attach to the tablet/laptop with a single cable (USB-C/3.0, Thunderbolt, proprietary connector …etc)

Wireless docking stations are also one the market but they are not very stable

Both the newer and traditional style of docking stations allow an expanded range of ports such as additional usb,hdmi , displayport, Ethernet,Audio/Mic plugs SD etc…Larger docking stations also are starting to GPU units as well.

Hence my earlier comment that perhaps going the route of Microsoft and offering both a more traditional stand and a brick style would be the best solution that people could leave on their desks at home & work with a mini dongle being available for “on the go” use.