Nvidia 3000 Series Discussion

literally everyone compare ampere with RDNA 2 by using PS5 spec, but that have no sens to compare a low power entry level gpu of a 450$ console with a desktop midrange 450$ gpu

I would not agree with that. I know of plenty of tech youtubers who are saying that Navi 21 will be a beast and could compete against the 3080 at lower power and cheaper price. If I still had my 1080 Ti I would wait for AMD to announce their new cards, but since I already sold it I don’t want to wait to October/November to see like it has been rumored.


i want to preface this by saying that im a total newbie when it comes to tech stuff. I built my first computer about 2 years ago. I plan on getting the 3080 (though i want the 3090 because it’s the newest and best) and have ordered the model 3 monitor. I currently have an i7-8700k. Is it worth upgrading to get an i7-9700k (or other 9th gen) cpu? If not, should I build a new computer (which i would rather not do because of money and sentimental attachment to my current computer).

The main use for the computer would be gaming (looking forward to the cyberpunk game, baldur’s gate, and VtMBL2 if it ever comes out), but I do work from home a lot now.

Everyone starts off where you are at so no worries. First you should understand that you will always have a bottleneck in your PC. Something is going to hold it back and you just got to choose which component it will be. It can be the GPU, CPU, RAM, mobo, or storage.

I actually also have a 8700k in my current rig. It is a pretty good CPU and has 6 cores which is getting more and more important these days. Games and programs are starting to really take advantage of all the extra cores coming in modern CPUs. I would not be surprised if games coming out will be limited by only 6 cores soon. That being said if you are looking to upgrade I would look at going AMD. They really have taken the crown when it comes to multi-core processing. Intel still has a slight lead when it comes to performance per core, but that is becoming less relevant as time goes on as well as AMD is really getting close to surpassing them. They are also about to release a new series of CPUs in the next few months that would be great to go with a 3080 or 3090.

Actually forget what I said about getting the 9700K before. I just remembered that the 9700K has 8 cores and 8 threads compared to the 8700K which has 6 cores and 12 threads.

Also what PSU do you have? The 3080/3090 will need at least 750 W PSU. If you have a smaller one then you will need a new one.


i have a 850 watt psu. So are you saying that I shouldnt bother upgrading my cpu and just wait to build a new one?

thanks for the info!

I personally don’t think it is worth it. Just keep what you have and see what kind of performance you get. If you are not hitting the frame rates you want then look at building a new rig around the GPU. You can always reuse the PSU, case, storage, and maybe the RAM. You just need a new mobo and CPU.

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Cyberpunk will be the hardest to run out of those, supposedly they are announcing requirements soon, but I don’t think you are going to need to upgrade.

As for sentimentality just keep this system when you replace it and use it for non gaming things.

Interesting photo I saw on the size comparisons between the 3090, 3080, and 3070. The 3090 is massive (313 mm long) and will probably not fit into a lot of cases.


Hardware Unboxed released their great review of the 3080. So I will admit I was wrong about the PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0 mattering for the 3080. Based on his results there is no difference at 4K, but I would still argue it is good to go with the better spec for future upgrades. When it comes to using Intel vs AMD CPUs he also says there is no real difference for this as well. That being said I would go with AMD since you get way better performance on other tasks other then gaming.


I’d say the PCIe 4.0 vs 3.0 thing won’t be a specific benefit until games take advantage of the new direct storage access technologies being put out by Microsoft and Nvidia. And then it’ll only really help load times, not FPS.

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Also Xen 3 is a month away and is ecpected to be a 20% performance increase, so amd may be better than intel soon.

I mean it already is price to all-round performance. But Intel is still clinging on to that fps crown.

is everyone trying to get a FE or going with a aib?

FE imo looks really good, and I would get it, but it has just one HDMI 2.1. So for anyone wanting to buy more than one model 2/3, there are other models making more sense, especially aorus master/xtreme, with 3DPs and 3HDMI 2.1s (4 of these usable at once)

Well I was spamming refresh on both Best Buy and Nvidia’s site and both of them instantly sold out. Went from coming soon to sold out after I refreshed. Kinda pissed.


EVGA has basically been down the last hour, newegg insta sold out, one guy from another forum was able to get an EVGA, but that is the only confirmation of a real person getting one

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the insta sell out is probably a sign for me to wait to get one (i dont have a 4k monitor yet, so hurry up eve :wink: )


Pretty sure it was people using bots to buy them. There is FE card on ebay going for over $10k.

Can anybody shed some light on the general availability of Nvidia Founders Edition cards in the longer term? This would be the first time I’ve been eager to get the FE version specifically, and I’m wondering if I’m setting myself up for disappointment by waiting for stock.

The rumor is that FE cards will be very limited. Some say this is intentional since they want to advertise low prices and then partners will sell their cards much higher so they can get higher prices without looking as bad. Supposedly Nvidia is giving these partners a $50 rebate to sell their cards cheaper at launch and then this will go away in a few weeks and prices will go up. I would not count on getting a FE card.

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