Noticed laser cat?! Read this thread! Community Service ver 1.0



Hi guys!

Based on the previous discussions:

We have put up a basic structure of our community driven customer service!
Thanks you for your amazing suggestions. As always they made implementation work much easier.

As discussed previously main we would like to try out having customer support handled in community so that Eve team and community members could help V users together.

In the previous thread we were able to outline key challenges of community driven support.

Structure we have put up in place addresses those challenges.

##Goal of this thread is:

  1. For you to get an understanding of structure we’ve put up.
  2. Try this structure out and let us know what you think
  3. We continue improving existing structure or scrap it and think again :smiley:

Key challenges:

  1. Making sure that when customer base grows users don’t spam main forum section and create duplicate threads.
  2. making sure that support tickets are not part of the core community and don’t ruin current vibe. Making sure that having all customers in community would not lead to trolls and compromised voting results for future products.
  3. making sure we don’t end up as OnePlus community full of trolls and angry customers
  4. Having the information factual, correct, accurate and up-to-date as well as having clear distinction in answers between Eve team and normal members.

After consulting folks at Discourse (our forum provider) we feel there is a great solution!

##Solution :bulb:

###1. Custom user groups

User groups are a very flexible building block in community structure. Groups can be used to:

  • Allow users in the group See/ Post/ Reply in a certain category
  • Grant users special title, post color, flair, and other visual differentiators
  • User groups can be tagged as a whole like @Team (everyone in our team will see such message)

How can users join certain group?

  • Users can be assigned to a group by Moderators and Admins
  • If the group is closed other group members could invite/approve non-group users to join the group

To put it in a nutshell user groups provide us with possibility to differentiate and manage rights&permissions of:

  • Eve Team members
  • People interested in crowd development and users who made this community possible
  • Normal users who join community to ask some product related question or for help
  • etc

###So we have now created the following groups:

  1. Normal Users

  2. Creators

  3. Eve Qualified Doctors

  4. Team

*Group names are just to get a general idea we will come up with better ones together :slight_smile:

What each group actually means :thinking:

###1. Normal User

Normal users are people who join community either because they are interested in community development and tech or for after sales support reasons. Normal users in this case pose the biggest risk to community culture and our great vibe. Also it is very likely that amount of normal users will explode after we start sales again and send Vs to press.

Normal users will be able to:

  • View any community thread or discussion
  • Post in support category only (more on support category below)
  • Post in dedicated community subcategory in which they would tell why they would want to join creators group and participate in product development
  • Be promoted by @Team and Creators to Creators group

So basically community will become invite only. :fire: It will be an open knowledge base to everyone on the Internet but in order to participate in any other discussion than support you would have to be approved by Creators or Eve Team.

###2. Creators

Creators are heart and soul of the community. These people made Eve and what it is today. Some of you guys joined earlier when we were just starting out some of you later during the Indiegogo. Without you we would simply not exist. Your passion for tech helped us make V and I am sure many more products and other cool stuff to come.

Creators group will be able to:

  • Create / Reply /View all of the threads regarding product development, community, etc.
  • Use community fully
  • Have special badge or other way to differentiate from others.
  • Invite new users who show potential to join the group (group will be closed and it will be possible to join only by Invite or by letting @Team assign you there.)

What users will be transferred to creators group?

We think it would be fair to transfer all of the existing users to the group as you all guys joined super early! As after we open up sales again and send out press review units our user base could easily explode. Other option is to come up with certain cutoff point like activity in the community.

So here goes the first poll:

Should all existing members join creators group?

  • Yes, I think it’s fair!
  • All except the ones with zero activity
  • I think we need a harder to pass selection criteria like at least 30 likes received, etc
  • Other (please propose below below)

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###3. Team

That’s quite easy :smiley: Basically it’s all of our team members and we will have all kinds of rights! Like for instance adding laser cats to Creators profile

###4. Eve Certified Doctors

I know the name is weird. We will make it sound better. Feel free to come up with suggestions :slight_smile:

Eve certified doctors are few members selected from Creators group that can provide official answers to Normal users who post in Support category. Eve Certified Doctors would have special post color or mark so that it would be easy to distinguish them from others.

To summarize

By implementing suggested user groups we will be able to preserve community from becoming full of haters, trolls and other nasty stuff even if we have 1 billion users :grin:

As only people who are actually good fit for our community would be able to join it in full.
As mentioned before our community would still be open for everyone to view and join. But newly joined members would be able to post in Support category and in a special subcategory providing a chance to give your reasons why Creators should let you join the tribe!

Products and all the cool stuff will be done by Team and Creators!

We have now added 400 most active members to creators category and you can see it from laser cat next to their profile pic :smiley: Don’t worry if you are not in creators yet we will be adding more people after we are done with testing here.

What do think of proposed structure?

  • I like it!
  • Step in the right direction but needs actual testing
  • Step in the wrong direction
  • Hate it!

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###Now about support category!

I know this post is super long so thanks for reading! I have mentioned several times support category in this thread.

Based on your suggestions it is:

  • A category for people to post questions (quite obviously :relieved:)
  • Will not be featured under latest so you will not see support questions on the front page
  • Does not allow users to post in Support category itself. Users have to choose subcategory. To see support category choose category view or follow this link #help (Pictures will be changed :smiley: )

Phew… That’s it for now!

###Next steps

  1. Have a look at everything created so far.
  2. Let us know what you think regarding questions asked in this post
  3. After we have some feedback and are able to agree on fundamental community structure we will move onto FAQ and other finer details.

Community Rocks! :v:


  • Get few levels of seniority for Creators moderate the group @mlivesey
  • Have issues solved more visible @benej98

Community Digest 21.04
Community Digest 06.05
Community Digest 28.04
Introducing User Groups!
Community Digest. [Latest Update 21.04]

I think this is definitely a big step in the right direction! Another thing I realised: Maybe there should be a way to have common issues in the community that have been solved ‘float’ on top of the sub-section they belong to, things like: My V isn’t turning on’, if a solution has been found. Kind of like pinned posts, but maybe a bit differently because I always associate pins with messages or announcements.


Nice job Konsta!

a few comments - you have described how you envision regular users being promoted into the creators group, but is there a plan for demotions? (in case we get a troll or something)

I voted for “other” in the poll asking about how to join creators group, as I feel there should be 2 levels of creators - those who have proven they are not trolls or bots, and those who have a bit more ‘experience’ in the community. The more senior/active members should be the ones letting new members in. I’m not saying it should be hard to get this Sr Creator title, just that if anyone at all can accept new members, someone may slip though the cracks. We get a bad egg in, and suddenly they let in all their bad egg friends.


I was so close to hitting “I like it!” since I really do, but we still need testing :disappointed_relieved:
Ehm, I’d personally prefer an FAQ first with a “couldn’t find an answer to my question” or “other category” at the end for general questions over a general questions button shown prominently on the top. It is a valid and important category, but placing it too much up front will flood it, I fear…

Edit: Totally with you @mlivesey to differentiate the creators a bit more, but I think the board certified Eve V surgeon (or whatever it was :P) is a good start :slight_smile: and we shouldn’t do too many subcategories for the users since it can get very confusing for newbies!


This would be really useful.

I don’t know if discourse already does it, but once a question is marked as solved that could be easily visible in the title thread as [Solved] or have a :white_check_mark:


The process of invitation needs to be very efficient and agile because people might not have the patience to hold on a long time while not even being able to post on other parts of the community.

  • Normal users shouldn’t be able to reply to threads on support unless it’s their own thread (they can give likes) so you ensure at least some degree of correctness in what is said.

  • Official answers from ECD’s should be visually different from Eve team’s answers and these two from 'creator’s answers.

I’ll try to think of more things to say :slight_smile: overall I think it’s a great method to ensure quality community development and a thriving ambience!


To add to what you said, and including what @AfonsoHG said, as we do have solutions in threads right now, we should ensure that ONLY Eve Team members can mark a thread as solved. That way, we can ping them if we think we have solved a bug/problem, but they can add to that, or make sure the answers that have been given are in line with what they would say publicly, about repairs for example. This would really avoid confusion.

Also, @Konstantinos I think it might be useful to implement a real ‘keyword search’. I know that searching through the search bar right now shows the words mentioned in threads, but if we make users tag their support requests, we won’t have to rely on them to accurately put it in the right group. It would also make it possible to have a posted questions reach different support members, if the question is about more than one specific categories.


yes! The current search is very ineffective, and needs an overhaul IMO.


I’d say Eve Certified Doctors could do it too :wink:


Fair enough. Was just thinking about possible claims that could be made when a community member misspeaks about durability, repairs… But I suppose the Doctors team will be handpicked, so it would make sense to include them


I noticed the laser cat! :slight_smile: This is definitely a step in the right direction, as for the name of ‘Eve Certified Doctor’… How about just Eve Doctor? In my opionion ‘Certified’ isn’t necessary (Just a thought)


or even “Eve Certified” as it is more clear that it isn’t actually and Eve employee. (whereas Eve Doctor sort of sounds like an official Eve employee)


True, then how about just ‘Certified’? It’s just one word, and since we’re in the, ‘Certified’ already means ‘Eve Certified’


And I’d say the thread creator should also be able to do it… but that’s all imo to keep the group relatively small.


Looking at this, I actually feel the opposite.

“Eve Certified” to me makes it sound like the person has special training, and is an employee of Eve.

How about something simple like “Repair Crew” or “Eve Device Mechanic”?


I love it! This in my opinion is what will enable Eve to continue to be successful as we add more members: Having a sort of managerial group, and then a large group of supporters. I can’t even imagine how smoothly the next project is going to go! :sunglasses:


Yeah I thought the same thing. If it’s going to be “Eve certified” then there definitely needs to be some special training going on, not necessarily an employee of Eve, but well-qualified to represent them. Similar to a mechanic getting an ASE (Automotive Service Engineer) certification. Doesn’t mean they work for the ASE certifying agency, but they are representative of the quality of training and service provided by those who are certified.


I’m with you @mlivesey, what about an invitation limit per day/s? At the beginning it could work to prevent “bad-egg users” (never heard this combination of words😅 i like it) getting into creators’ group.


I am not sure if I understand your point correctly but:

would that do not make it impossible for newcomers to be promoted to creators if they are only able to do [quote=“Konstantinos, post:1, topic:6198”]
Post in support category only (more on support category below)
Post in dedicated community subcategory in which they would tell why they would want to join creators group and participate in product development

I think this approach would be too restrictive and/or you have not enough posts of someone to judge and upgrade him/her and then in the worst case you upgrade too many people too early because of one issue they had and a good post they’ve done in the “I want to be a creator” thread.
I think it really needs “Fingerspitzengefühl” as we say in German (not sure how to translate it). Openness and restrictiveness needs a good balance. Give them opportunities to prove to be a valuable member.
e.g. some technical discussions of product development get opened up for “users”.


I’d rather let them (‘normal’ users) discuss product development than reply in the support category for fear that what they say might not be accurate.