Notetaking in class


Okay, I found this thread, which clears things up.

In answer to our question, i.e. will different kinds of nibs be available for purchase:

So since there is full functionality with the Surface Pen 4, getting that one could be the most economical option (depending on the price point of the Wacom Bamboo Ink).

Will definitely do this.


My recommendation it’s to buy the V including pen and if that doesn’t work for you you can buy another compatible pen (there should be enough choices).


The V Pen is included with the purchase of a V, so you’ll always get that. Of course, since we’re not using proprietary tech, you’ll always be able to get a different N-TRIG compatible pen. But everything you need to start taking notes is in the box!


It really is. You can also do videos too. Really helpful.