NotebookCheck and Engadget cover Eve's failure to provide product!

The real story of Eve beyond the marketing hype:


Hey @fhteagle,

This is something we have previously responded to, but that being said as soon as we are able, we will help all those affected by Eve Tech’s Distributor. When we have more news on the help we can provide, we will update all those affected by this situation.

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What’s the best guess at an ETA for this news. Since before support and publicly we’ve been told it’s when Spectrum ships, when Eve 2021 ships, and now it’s unclear?


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Sure, the Engadget article was brought up behind the cryptically titled thread at, Who handles the Eve PR? . That thread also cannot be responded to anymore. But it also did not mention the NotebookCheck article, and I could not find that one mentioned anywhere else on this site.

In that other thread, I do not see any substantive response from anyone at Eve. As in Eve is not taking responsibility. As in saying anything more than, “this is unfortunate”, “this is bad press”, etc. In order words, the exact same that was stated here. “When we have more news”, “help”, vague terms like that which have no meaning at all to those of us who are still owed a product or refund by EVE 4 YEARS later.

Putting the negativity behind you would be way way way easier if EVE would actually make the jilted customers whole. I wonder how much it is costing EVE when potential new customers say “no thanks” to new orders, knowing that other customers have received such poor treatment by EVE in the past. It might be the smarter, easier, and in the long run more profitable move to go ahead and provide the refunds that are owed by EVE now.