[No Spoilers] Hi, I'm Tim and I've got something to ease your minds


Found another thing the V is great at today. I laid it face down on the bed a few hours ago, just turned it back on to realize that I killed a mosquito with it. Maybe use that as advertisement? :smiley:


The V may literaly be a life saving device…


Nah best not to advertise that it has a buggy screen :wink:


Oh damn… You totally got me there! Nice one!


Hi @ToiletSheep, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experience with the V and so happy to hear that it’s mostly positive. I’m super nervous about the shipping times for LB but hoping to have it work out. If it’s not too much trouble I was wondering about your experience in 3 areas:

  1. The sleeve. I read that you mentioned you had a sleeve, which one was it, and what do you think about the quality and it’s design? If pictures would be possible that would be great!

  2. You’re experience with any art programs (GIMP, Photoshop etc.) if you have had any. Is there any lag?

  3. How’s the battery life been thus far? What’s your usage like and how long has it lasted?

Thanks in advance!


I own a magnetic sleeve and it’s great. I keep all my paperwork in the outside pocket while I’m traveling around South East Asia. For pictures please search around the forum. Pretty sure the “meetup in Ulm” thread has some, the sleeves haven’t changed since then :slight_smile:
Oh and it’s also practical to put it underneath the Vs kickstand if you’re having trouble using it on your lap or the kickstand digs into your legs too much. I don’t have this problem but it’s good to have.

Have some Photoshop experience but not on my V yet and won’t be able to tell you more about it from here, sorry.

Battery life has been good for me but I’ve mostly been watching videos and filling out paperwork for the government. Generally not using it alot while traveling.


Thank you for the reply, it was very helpful.


Small update: So I noticed yesterday that when using Bluetooth speakers and the keyboard in Bluetooth mode simultaneously the sound will drop for a split second regularly. Disabling the keyboard fixed this for me. Maybe it was a one time thing.

Did anyone else experience this or want to test it?


I’ve had this happen on other devices, I think the signals just get crossed for a second.


I have some problems with the BT too. I am using a BT mouse. Never had problems with it on other devices, but on V is constantly disconnecting or jamming.