[No Spoilers] Hi, I'm Tim and I've got something to ease your minds


I’m assuming you mean the small dot on the screen indicating where your pen is hovering. This distance is very small so for me the dot doesn’t appear most of the time. I havn’t had any issues with the pen or the palm rejection, seems to be working fine if you ask me.
Here’s a little mandala I drew the first night testing some stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


You drew that???


yup, playing around with sketchpad


The first piece of art created on a V. It should be placed in a digital museum!


nice drawing, you might be interested in the game Engare…
P.S. How about testing if V runs the game fine? :wink:


just looked it up, it costs a few bucks, so sorry but no I’m not testing it :stuck_out_tongue:
I would’ve if it was free though


Just looked it up too. Hell, if that doesn’t run on a V then nothing will!


Hi Tim,
this is a nice story. Thanks for telling.

If you have the chance and time to read this:

It would be great if you could test your device and report the results.

Best. F.


So I did run it for 15 minutes. Don’t know how much that helps, but I’m letting it run again for a bit right now.


@ToiletSheep, may I ask whether there was a warranty card in the box?


Nope, no warranty card :slight_smile:

As long as you’ve got a valid receipt you should be fine :wink:


So it would be problem if you sell it or give as a gift …


I wouldn’t think so as Eve is the only one manufacturing it they’ll , Im assuming, keep serial numbers so they can spot any fake or imitation units.


Yes that’s right. We use serials for that purpose.


Hi Tim,
a big thanks in this thread as well!!!
Did you let it run any longer in the meantime?
Sometimes it is strange to get some requests to the driver every 30 minutes or more. I had this with an Lenovo Laptop. The WiFi driver managed to destroy the DPC latency every 40 minutes. The only way was to disable it during audio work.

And again, thanks for testing.

Best. F.

EVE V with DAWs - any experiences?

I guess you contact the support and they will note that the device with number xy has changed ownership.


Totally forgot about it and restarted it in the meantime. I’ll see if I can try again, but no promises.


I suggest they have a Warranty registration page for owners on the web site as most others do.

These can also be updated in the case of a sale to another owner.
I’m sure they will not quibble over a day or so of actually taking delivery.

I would guess for example that with the batch going out now, the Warranty would most likely start from the month and inclusive of whole of December, and not necessarily the exact day.

From what I have seen and heard of the founders and Team, they probably will not split hairs over a few days.

Pieces of paper can be lost too easily and are a sign of inefficiency in this age of technology.


How’s the pen coming along?
Do you need this:


Pen seems to be doing fine, filled out a bit of paperwork for the government today. There’s a penloop in both sleeves, so I wouldn’t bother as I will transport it in a sleeve anyway. If you really want to keep the pen on the tablet itself you should get that. I wouldn’t trust the magnets to hold it there for long when you’re moving around.