No Man's Sky on the V i7


Hi guys! :slight_smile:
I’m really not a techie, so please excuse my incompetence. :grin: I’d be glad if someone could give me some insight on whether “No Man’s Sky” will run on the V i7. It seems to be quite CPU intensive… Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


It runs on my 2nd gen desktop i3, and it has similar benchmark performance to Eve V i5. So it sgould run, but it definitely needs eGPU


Althought I wouldn’t bet on it… It doesn’t run super smoothly on my desktop either, it lags a bit when entering new planets. Maybe setting TDP to 7W would improve it :slight_smile:

On the other hand, it only lags during those short periods of time when entering new planets, so the processor might have more than enough time to cool down between these moments.


Thanks for the quick answer, pauliunas!
So not a chance without an eGPU?
Nice to know that the CPU could probably handle it though :slight_smile:


No, actually my desktop GTX660 also barely cuts it. I can’t run it on high settings, so I imagine that with Intel HD it won’t be playable at all (I give it 7fps)


No Mans Sky refuses to start with my integrated Intel HD 4600, I don’t know about the intel hd 615 but I don’t think it works. CPU wise I think it should work, maybe not at 60fps


60 fps - fat chance… My i3-2100 runs it, but I get around 30fps at best because the CPU is bottlenecking the thing. V’s i7 should have somewhat similar performance. But then the integrated graphics are far worse than the dedicated Nvidia card I’m using. So I’d say it would be barely playable, if at all.


yeah you’re probably right