Nintendo Switch

So, does that mean we have a new Gordon Freeman? :smiley:

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve only seen Zelda. I hadn’t noticed the old Deku Tree talking. Let’s see this Friday. Booked off a week as I can’t wait to play it. Although the Mrs isn’t amused :frowning: Yep. I’m sad.

It’s look good and I hope it turns out to be good. I was looking forward to Final Fantasy 15 which turned out to be a disappointment unfortunately.

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Have you all seen this? interesting…

Not for the Mac but I have read the one about the PC where you can use the pro controller to play Xbox games on Windows 10.

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Very interesting. I don’t own any apple product to try that but I could try my Surface and see what happens I suppose. By the way, The legend of Zelda: breath of the wild is amazing! :smiley: I’ve attached my madness below :wink:


Surface does not charge through USB ports, so the answer is obvious… You need to find a device that charges over USB if you want to test it :wink:

:smiley: Yeah, you’re right; Surface has its own special connector. Maybe we can try this mac charge ‘secret feature’ once we get our Eve V :wink: I’ll try charging the Nintendo Switch through the Surface’s USB at some point. It should work :confused: as I can charge my Lumia 950 XL through my Surface.

Is that the freaking Limited edition for BotW? Is that the US one with the case or the european one without it? :smiley:

Oh boy, I’ll also post my setup real quick then:

It’s just a HDMI switch connected to my main PC monitor (where I also mostly work :wink: ) And the switch set up on the side.
I might make a small review of the Switch, just because that thing is so freaking fun. :smiley:


It’s the European one (without the case) :slight_smile: What do you think of it so far? I’ve been playing on Zelda all day and once in a while playing Fast RMX too. I absolutely love it and the fact that you can carry it around with you makes it so much better. I’ve got it hooked up to my massive TV where breath of the wild looks gorgeous!!!

Has anybody tried Super Mario Odyssey? :slight_smile:


Yes. I absolutely love it :heart_eyes:. I’ve completed the main storyline so all that’s left is to complete the levels with 100% completion score. What do you think of it?

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I don’t own a Switch yet, but Super Mario is the main reason I’m considering to buy one. Everybody seems to love it and I’m such a huuuge Mario fan :smile:

How many hour did it take for you to finish the main story ?

I believe it took about 6 hours for the main storyline. I’ve played about 10 hours so far trying to complete it with a 100% rating but mostly because it is so much fun.

Love my Switch. Don’t currently have Super Mario, hopefully will get it when I have a bit more time to play.

This is currently my travel set up.

Got my switch, case (which also acts as a stand), my custom iem’s and a portable battery

Nice travel pack. I just have the Switch and the travel case that you have but I do have other accessories which are not suitable for travelling. Need to kit myself out like you have.

Definitely my favourite console too. Looking at my xbox one x and ps4 pro makes me think ‘meh. nothing impressive.’

I’d say “good luck with that” given how f’n HARD some of those post-game challenges are. I’m having fun, but I think this will be the first “main” 3D mario game since Sunshine that I didn’t 100%. It just doesn’t seem “worth it” for some of the really annoying ones. And this is speaking as somebody who 200%+ both Galaxy games (yes I’ve finished The Perfect Run in Galaxy 2). The difficulty is just that little bit higher on the final moons of Odyssey (some of the timer challenges).

I’m good with “letting go” of the really hard ones though. I’m OK with having something beyond my skill level. Gives the speed runners and those looking for perfection something to distinguish themselves by.

Thanks. I normally don’t bother doing it because I usually end up buying another game. Since this game is so much fun I thought I’d spend more time on it and give it a try.

Well done with the perfect completion of the Galaxy series. At the moment, I’m giving Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon a go to see how they differ from the original ones.

Im suprised to be that fast, with all the pub Nintendo has done with the open world stuff i was sure to be a 60+ hour game =\ think i will take my time and enjoy it ^^

It’s a big game for sure but I mostly went for the bare minimum to progress the story. I don’t bother putting in the effort to complete a game with a 100% clear rating but this and Zelda Breath of the Wild will be the first ones I’m interested in doing.