Nintendo Switch

All about the Nintendo Switch. I know this has nothing to do with the Eve V but I’m more excited about the Nintendo Switch then I have been for anything else. Less than a week to go for the Nintendo Switch and The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. :smiley:


Just sharing my excitement over the Nintendo Switch :wink:

The Wii U is my favourite console so far and I’m also quite excited to see how the switch will fare and the new Zelda will be :heart_eyes: but I’ll wait a bit until I get one, I think. Not very good on the money-side right now :smiley:

All i did when they revealed it and still say is “BIG MEH”.

I looked at the Game Lineup and was like "LoL nope"
Only the thousand times recycled nintendo stuff i got tired of when i was 16 and zelda which i never liked.

FINALLY someone created this topic! :smiley:

I didn’t want to do it myself as I talked a bit about the switch already when I was talking about the thread how the V will impact your backpack.

Zelda looks AMAZING and thank god for the USB-C charging! Now I can just carry 1 plug with me when I go to holiday with my V, my phone and my Switch! :slight_smile:


Haha I’m really excited, too :smiley: . I’ve only had handheld consoles so far, but since I moved out from home, a TV console became more and more useful for me. And now, it seems the V will get a cool companion in my backpack :yum: .

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I never really cared about gaming before, but the Nintendo Switch does sound appealing to me. I like that it doesn’t look as dodgy and cheap as previous Nintendo devices. Looks perfect for playing some catch-up on what seems to have been other people’s childhood :grin:

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I’d love to know what powerbank to get that can do the Switch, V, and also a microusb phone efficiently. There’s one in the portable charger thread but it’s 80USD or so. Something “cheaper” would be better.

Or an Eve one that I can trust won’t blow up or have the battery degrade after 4 months.

Want Zelda play now.

I linked one for $60 and unfortunately, that’s pretty much the cheapest USB-PD pwoerbank you can get… I know it’s expensive, but the truth is, these USB-C thingies are always damn expensive. Even a simple USB hub costs like $15, compare that to the USB 3.0 hub I bought for $3…

So I’m simply gagging for one of these devices.

I wish they had advertised it more as… A portable device that you could plug in at home. Instead of a home console you can bring with you. I love the idea of it regardless, but with a shift of focus that battery life could have been increased… I wonder if some clever monkey out there will design a case for it that has a battery included (like you see for iPhone).

Zelda Zelda Zelda :heart_eyes:

Has anyone else noticed Zelda seems a bit… Technology based? 100 year sleep (but looks more biological suspension), random tablet with seeming connectivity protocol. Language flowing across rock displays (as if they’re glass). It seems less magic and more tech sexy.

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I read something up in the Zelda subreddit that it’s actually Hyrulian and if you learn the glyphs you can read what’s written on the shrines in english (at least in the english trailers)

So that looks goshdarn awesome & I can’t hold my excitement for the Switch and Zelda (OH GOSH - it’s next week already! :smile_cat: )

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I do love the Wii U and it is definitely my console thus far :smiley:

By the way, 4 days to go for Switch :wink:

Super excited!!!

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Haha :smiley:

I was wondering why there wasn’t a thread on the Switch with all the various tech threads going on. I gave up and had to create one. Looking forward to Switch and Zelda :heart_eyes:

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Yep and like @iKirin said, you can charge both the V and Switch with one cable :smiley:

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And they finally have voice acting!!! Well everyone except Link from what I’ve seen so far :smiley: I’ve been waiting for a new Zelda game for ages so I’m so excited that I’ve booked a week off from work :wink:

Really? That’s wicked!

The voice acting is actually my biggest fear… I like the retro style :tipping_hand_woman:

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I’m looking forward to the voice acting. It seemed fine to me and it’ll be new. Do you know if link talks? I’ve not seen any mention of it.


I’m pretty sure that I read that Link won’t talk. And also just major characters like Zelda and the Deku tree will have voices. I can’t quote any sources on that though. I just have it in my mind like that.