Next PF that has IceLake with FIVR ;)


Should we make a new PF that has IceLake?
FIVR is back on IceLake and can give us a physical switch that can give us different state of the CPU…

We could have Normal, Turbo and NITRO :grinning:
Or just go with CannonLake, no FIVR…


We should spend all our time and resources in developing the PF. This is a great idea, but it will have to wait.
EDIT: And what did you mean by " FIVR is back ". Was it there before?
According to the image, it seems as if it was implemented in Haswell


Yup. And then removed…


PF is at the finish line, time to move on to the next big thing :wink:


I didn’t understand the difference FIVR will make :smiley: can you explain it in common terms (sorry for my ignorance :wink:)


Basically there is only one BIOS setting that regulates the global voltage. Before that, you had to regulate each component’s voltage separately, which made overclocking more complicated (if I understand it correctly)


Maybe FIVR gave such a big improvement in performance, it was held back till IceLake. :grinning:
I bet companies like Intel actually have products in secret that could be twice as good as the ones on the market, but they won’t look innovative if they give everything they got, all at once.


I think we first need to decide what exactly the next project is gonna be. Is it another computer? A phone? An accessory? An e-book reader? Maybe even a printer? Or a drone? :smiley: it is very unclear now, and we should wait for Eve to decide first (But we can also make a poll to show them what the community wants most)


Yes, now MB has to have different voltages on board and the proprietary controllers just for the CPU alone witch I don’t care about much for desktop PC… I care about making tablet or 2in1 much easier because they don’t have so much space on MB as in desktop PC atx format…


Well, it’s up to us. And I would like to have a PF with an “i” CPU :wink:


It’s much simpler mother board and easy for overclocking…
FIVR, which is integrated into “Haswell” and “Broadwell”, greatly simplifies design of motherboards and gives Intel more control over the power supply of CPUs, which also optimizes power consumption.
End quote.
Basically, better battery life as well, no more sleep drain…


Yes, I would love that too :slight_smile: But there was also quite a lot of discussion about a phone, a PCIe adapter and other projects… But actually, the PCIe adapter would make so much more sense with a Core i processor…


And what is IceLake? I understood it is sort of derived from the Skylake architecture but I’m just so confused with different gens or processors that I’m totally lost. :joy:


It’s 10nm "tock"
PS blablabla 20 symbols


It’s Skylake -> Kaby Lake -> Ice Lake. And whatever weird, confusing and totally random name goes after that :smiley:


Actually its SkyLake -> KabyLake -> CannonLake -> IceLake -> TigerLake
But who remembers that? :grinning:
Which means IceLake is quite far away.


Oh… right… You know, good luck remembering something that doesn’t make any sense at all ;D


But are there any significant difference between them?


best Intel’s 14 nm -> first 10 nm -> better 10 nm -> best Intel’s 10nm


Seems like their “tick-tock” plan is falling apart :wink: If they can’t produce 10nm in time, I can only imagine what will happen when they try to reach 4nm. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they have to release 5 different generations on 7nm before reaching that…