New years update

Sadly, app compatibility is not there yet. 32bit x86 apps run in emulation mode, and x64 apps like. Adobe Creative Suite, and other photo/media apps can’t run at all. Perhaps in 1-2 years it /might/ change. I have the Surface Pro X and am quite bummed about not being able to run some of my apps :frowning:


It’s impossible to have an AMD processor and a eGPU support, because it uses Thunderbolt 3 technology that belongs to Intel.

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Good point, I forgot about that. :sweat_smile:

eGPU would be nice but it’s ok without it. I’d rather take the new AMD CPUs and their mobile gpu is probably good enough for my use case of photo editting on the go.

In the past that was the case, but it seems like that could go away in the future, see below article. I don’t own this motherboard, ended up buying the model below this one due to pricing, so don’t have personal experience with it, but it gives food for thought.

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I know that there are PC motherboards with AMD chips and TB3, but I haven’t seen any mobile ones yet.