New years update

Hey folks!

Writing in with the first update of 2020!
It’s a bit late for the New Year congrats but we’ll do them anyways :tada: :tada: :tada:


Spectrum has moved far since our last update. It has taken longer than expected to align the views of our design- and manufacturing partners, but this back-and-forth has finally resulted in a design that can actually be built and still looks great.

With this time-consuming challenge out of the way, we have finally moved on to the electrical engineering stage. This is where we can start to finalize our specifications and features and we’ll have more news about that of course as it develops. We have prepared some major news to come out later this month, but you’ll have to wait just for a little bit more as we polish our announcements :smiley:


The holiday season got in the way of this one, limiting our progress here. The community reviewers have done an amazing job with their reviews of Cleer Flow II, and have brought up a lot of opportunities for improvement.

We have shared all of your feedback with our engineers and are working on a plan to address these challenges! At the moment we are evaluating if we can address all of the feedback by modifying Cleer Flow 2 or whether we need to start a new product from scratch after all. Of course we will update everyone once we know which improvements are possible and what needs to be changed to make them happen!

Dock and mini-PC

We started the year off with four crowd-development projects, and for a while now only the monitor and headphone projects received updates. The reason for this is that we could not find the right manufacturer to partner with on our docking accessory- and mini-PC projects.

We want a solution that offers a high quality, low cost, and still meets the requirements set out by our community, and have yet to find a partner that can hit all three of these targets. Right now our focus is to start shipment with Spectrum as soon as possible. When that happens we resume our search!


It’s no secret that people have been asking for a V successor ever since we first made it. In 2020, we will finally make that a reality. More on that very soon!


FINALLY. Give me!

I will not buy V2 when the first one still looks like new, but, well, happy for ya : ) Hopefully this project will be a bit easier for everyone involved : D


Have very high expectations from V2, hope that you make it as a Project Athena device, but it will be great that all the pending issues with EVE V are resolved before V2.

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I haven’t seen much about Athena in a while. Curious how it’ll stack up against AMD

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There was launch of some Project Athena devices at this year’s CES, like latest DELL XPS 13.

It looks great if only it had a USB-A port… carrying an adaptor around would be a pain.

I’m at the same situation. I don’t see myself being exited for a V2 when the original V only brought me frustration… It’s a shame since it was a great device when it was working.

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