New V - Design status and 3D internals!

How’s the performance on that egpu. Thinking of a silent build. If they go silent on the eve, or super low fan, a passive 1050 or 1650 (which may net me RTX voice), I can be an ultimate podcasting mobile set up couple with say a Black magic Atem mini, and some hub for connecting up many other devices with the other USB C.

I think that if eve wants to go with normal GPU, it should wait for Nvidia ampere, it has already been teased and GA100 released. It will be on 7 NM so lot more efficiency.

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This looks amazing.

  • much rather slightly thicker with thinner bezels
  • more space for the battery
  • much cleaner design with one small and one large PCB

? Would it be possible to more the WiFi card to the side to enable a full sized 2280 M.2 slot for the SSD? Better availability and much greater capacity available in retail.
? Would there be space for a user replaceable RAM-slot?


Is it possible to put a USB-C on each side of the bezel to make charging easier? Is there a better or smaller plug than the USB-C that is less susceptible to the bending forces of the power cable being inadvertently being jerked out of the port by a running kid, or dog, or both (asking for a friend cough cough)? Is it possible to incorporate some sort of magnetic Qi charging?

If you see most designs they try to have one USB-C and on USB-A on each sides.

If they will go with something universal the short answer is no.
What they can offer, which up to know i think nobody else can do it, is a magnetic USB-C charger but the pins would carry around 30W each. an abrupt disconnection can spark them on nearby pins!

It is a tablet… Even a fast qi charger will be too slow to charge it up. For charging other devices, an idea is to embed a Qi charger on the touchpad.


A bit late to this thread, but curious why a full sized SD card reader is needed. I like the workhorse design, but I feel like we could save space if we simply went with a microsd card reader, like the previous Eve V. A vast majority of people and devices don’t use full side SD cards, and now people with microsd will have to carry sd card adapters, which are basically just hunks of plastic.

Cameras use still full size SD cards. For memory expansion - fully flushed full size SD port would be great too (cards are cheaper, bigger and in some cases faster than microSD ones).


SD cards are marginally cheaper, I personally would just use a microsd card + adapter for my camera. On the other hand, I feel like we are sacrificing space for another USB A port by having a full sized SD card slot. And I would definitely prefer having 2 USB A ports. Maybe we should have a poll?

The new V already has 2 USB-A ports (the official poll); moreover, for the sizing of a full-sized SD Card Reader (with 2 USB-A ports), you may either refer to the Step files of the new V (accurate) or my back layout v6.0 for the new V (estimate). I am very willing to hear your opinions about the latter.


The decision for going microSD instead of SD in devices that they can fit full size SD cards is super wrong! (no offens!)
If you make a bit of research you can see that the size difference actually has mechanical and performance differences. A good quality SD card will offer more sustain speed and random speed. Sustain speed is when you want to read/write a big file to your card. Also better security and reliability.

Also, as you refer to your camera, you can easily test that be taking high speed shots for 3-5 minutes. With a microSD, after 3-5 minutes your camera will stop taking sequential shots (if you are shooting in RAW).

I agree on that but, for what purpose? to use it on a drone/phone/printer? Not as expansion of tablet storage. Which means you limit the use of the tablet to photographers that use full-size SD card.

You can have the adaptor always on the SD card port and you do not have to carry it around.

What I will suggest in return, is the addition of UHS-II compatibility, which is something that new cameras adapt now and you do not limit any other use cases.


Ah ok, I was looking at the designs at the beginning and I only saw one USB A Port. That’s great to hear that it still has two. Of course if it’s possible to have both the full-sized SD card slot and two usb-A ports, I would rather have both. I guess my main point is, if it ever comes down to it where you might have to make sacrifices, I think many people would be willing to give up the full-sized sd card slot over the usb-A port, even despite the downsides of microsd that @ChrisKoups mentioned

@ChrisKoups afaik you can get high performance endurance micro-sd cards that can handle the same speed as full-sized sd cards, albeit they are a bit more expensive. But for me, since I also use microsd for my android phone, my Eve V, my nintendo switch, and my action camera, it just makes sense to just use microsd for everything (since I always carry around a few blank ones as backup). And yeah I could just leave the sd-card adapter inside the Eve V but my main concern was that we were sacrificing usb ports. But @Lore_Wonder said that the new device still has 2 usb A ports so I’m completely happy with that :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to pack a massive vapor chamber under the display, the same way the Poco F2 pro is set up? Maybe the cooling requirements are met by something like this for a 15W cpu.

15W is not much for a laptop…
The vapor chamber can improve temperatures in the expense of making the whole device warmer.
As an example with a 15W cpu, a vapor chamber can “keep” the CPU at 80 but the chassis to around 40, which is hot to touch. A non-vapor chamber (to be more precise copper rods are smaller vapor chambers) can make the cpu hit 100 (still not throttling) but the body would be 30.

I may over exaggerate a bit but that is the whole concept. Spreading the heat is good but not to upgrade a cpu.
I can agree that an X cpu with vapor chamber can be better but only if that X cpu is on the edge with copper rods too.
A cpu is a device that produce energy, the body is the material that act as a heatsink. Yes improving the internal transmission is good for temperatures but if the heatsink become hot to touch, you cannot use it as a tablet.

PS. Skin can show burning signs from 50c.


I think important to place one litle LED indicator both on Tablet and Keyboard that indicate multi color ON-green, SLEEP - yellow, BAT EMPTY - red


Hope to see intel tiger lake as CPU, firstly it looked like AMD APUs will be much better way to go, but from performance seen with tigerlake laptop, it looks like it can outperform AMD APUs. It will also be easier to include thunderbolt, and Intel will also have higher performance in adobe workloads. Tiger lake looks really promising and it will probably come this summer or autumn.

I’m no engineer, but I think with the motherboard on the bottom, you might need to make sure, that the device does not become too top-heavy. Otherwise the V might have an unsafe stand on rocky surfaces

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Welcome to the community section.
Usually the battery is heavier than the motherboard as it is a solid block of “liquid”.
The motherboard has a lot of empty space but a heavy heatsink.
That can benefit for cooling too as hot air goes upwards hence the battery will be slightly cooler.

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THIS is the kind of thinking I can get behind!! :muscle: :sunglasses: :+1:


As a software developer I’m always looking for the most ram, cpu and hdd I can get. My Big Mac Test for a machine is: Can it run Visual Studio Enterprise and SQL Server along with a browser with a few tabs open at the same time and still be responsive?

When I looked at a Surface Pro 3 a few years ago I was not impressed with the core specs for the price. Expensive for what you got. Seemed to be just paying for form factor.

I would have no issue with a couple of extra millimetres thickness to get the grunt in a still small 2 in 1 that is lighter to carry around than a laptop.


New V design has been revealed! :smiley: