New magnetic USB C connector that truly supports USB C and Thunderbolt


Don’t know if you have seen these ones


I just received these. I really like them. They are quality and heavy duty. Plus this guy uses his proceeds for something other than his own profit. I’m not sure of the Thunderbolt compatibility though.


I purchased x-connect. They were the only ones that I could find that would retro fit a standard cable.

I should have probably looked on ebay and amazon, but the x-connect looks decent.

They’re supposed to ship in August. When I get them, I’ll try providing my thoughts.


That’s many world’s firsts :smiley:


With the V in our horizon, I really want to get a magnetic USB-C cable so that I can use it to charge my phone and my V. Are there any cables that are currently out and not still in kickstarter? It’s a bit hard to comb through all the options and find a quality one.


There are a couple i think ive seen. I use indiegogo instead of kickstarter.
I think Volta launched. I think it supports ~80w.
Iam getting ASAP connect shipped in a week or two. It doesnt support full 100w power. I think its limited to 15-20w.

They have one coming out in about a month that goes up to 80w, but it probsbly wont be ready for a c9uple months. The nice thing… It is right angle…perfec4 fot the V and how it connects to our computer.


There’s always the Chinesium stuff you can find on Ebay. Works perfectly for charging.


Which one is that called?


More details:


Hum… How much does it cost?
Still thinking if it is worth the investment


Yeah the price is hidden away for some reason… Probably so overpriced they don’t even want to show it…