New fresh look for our community!



Dear Eve Family!

As you all know there has been a lot of stuff going on lately! Hyper Early Birds received their devices and are posting their first impressions, Limited Birds are about to receive their Vs and are awaiting tracking numbers. We are working with you on software improvements for the V. Simultaneously we have Project: Donald Dock in development along with a new accessory project headed by Dario.

In between all of that we are answering various support related questions to the community newcomers and customers. Lots of things are happening at the same time :smiley: Exciting times!

Over the course of past month we have received feedback from community members that community would benefit from more structure in the way information is organized. After all not all people want to read everything! Some may only be interested in V-related discussions, some of you joined us just to start working on the next big thing, while others might want to only get updated on the latest official announcements.

Introducing Category View to our community!

(It was there all the time, just not so obvious :sweat_smile: )

We have had a category structure in place since the day the forums first opened, but it has never been in the spotlight. Our default view so far has been Latest, but to emphasize the structure of our forums we’re changing it to Categories.

Now instead of being presented with a torrent of topics, you can go to the category that interest you most! To keep you up to date with the latest conversations, we do still show the most recently updated topics on the side as well. We hope this will help everyone understand the way the forum is structured, and that everyone will have an easier time finding the content that they are most interested in!

You can still sort topics by Latest, Top, New and Unread (or Watched if you’re on the Experimental theme) by clicking the appropriate links. If you were really attached to the Latest view (or one of the other views!) and want to set it as your default page again, you can chose your personal default home page to by going to your preferences panel and selecting it from the drop down menu under Default Home Page.

Enjoy guys!

Community Digest 12.01


Is there somewhere a Button to set all threads as read?


If you go to New or Unread, you can dismiss the ones in the list you haven’t read, but you can’t read stuff without reading it (or at least entering the topic and scrolling through it).


Much, much better now.


Hmm, Did not find the “How to get your V yesterday” category though. :crazy_face:


Sounds great! It doesn’t worn on my phone though. I only see the categories section and It’s harder to keep track of the diacussions like that. :confused:


It went from being trashy to glorious in one click thanks a bunch!!! Looks great XD it has always been my opinion that every active forum should have categories as the default main page setup. Having created and managed several forums in the past I found that it makes them way easier to structure and maintain. Plus it just looks so much more professional! Great work on the themes as well guys