New Favicon (in bookmarkbar)


This is a very minor annoyance to be sure. But I just got to tell it since it does annoy me.

The favicon is a dark triangle, within the bookmark bar it’s a squashed together “eve” with the triangle, again in the dark, both on a transparent background. Could this be changed into the orange/red triangle or get a background/outline (in accordance to the company branding guidelines)? I can’t see it on my dark themed firefox. And I use favicons in my bookmark bar to navigate.

Again, small annoyance. So don’t think I’m going to rebel because of this.


Yeah! Same here. I’d like to see a bloody red triangle in black circle.


I know this isn’t a permanent solution, but if you use Chrome or Firefox, you can use something like a favicon changer extension.


I know of such solutions. I could even go as far and change the userchrome.css of my firefox (don’t use chrome) to manually change the favicon to whatever I’d like. But I’d rather have the “problem” fixed instead of ducktaped :stuck_out_tongue:


Hiya Tristan!

that’s a really good idea - I might check with our designers to make it happen (or at worst do it myself :wink: )


The current favicon has been a temp for quite some time, sorry about that. I noticed some time ago that it for some reason was a single white pixel, and as a temporary solution I just grabbed the V from the Eve logo and used that, and never got around to getting a proper one.


Couldn’t wait anymore, I need a logo in my bookmark bar! :sweat_smile:

( or the link


I’ve put it as the favicon for now.