New 2-in-1s From the Competition (late 2018)


Sorry for not responding in time - only found this topic thread today!

I upgraded to a Surface Book 2 13.5" just this week from my old i5 Surface Pro 4, so I’m familiar with a form factor similar to the Eve V.

Same specs as you on the Surface Book 2, i7 with 16GB Ram and 1TB with a 2GB GTX 1050 GPU. Upgraded because I wanted longer reliable battery life, my old Surface was stuttering under light work and I need to start on some Autocad and Video Editing in the next few weeks. I also wanted to switch up form factor since I’ve been used to the kickstand and removable keyboard combo for more than 2 years and wanted to try something new. I bought mine used and imported from the US so feel free to take my comments on the hinge to your discretion, but may be an insight to the hinge after months of use…

In terms of balance, it’s doable and able to travel. Not ideal, but able. The weighting is ver different to a normal laptop, but then again this isn’t a normal laptop. Using this on my bed, the centre of gravity is around the hinge so YES it looks to be a pivot point if you are careless. But if you’re interacting with the touchpad or keyboard at all you stabilise the weight and it’s fine. Also completely fine on a flat surface. However I tend to be a bit paranoid of leaving the laptop open unattended, or anyone walking past and knocking it back, so I will close the screen slightly if I need to leave it.

First impressions of the laptop coming from a tablet - in terms of footprint it’s still far larger than I’m used to (even though it’s a 13"!) The extra screen estate though is really appreciated and the bezel sizes imo are as slim as they can be whilst be operable when undocked. 3:2 screen ratio is great and practical for work. But it’s the keyboard portion that takes up a lot more depth than I’m used to, the hinge spills out when opened and using up a lot of this aforementioned depth on a workspace. I was used to flipping my Pro 4 keyboard up when not in use taking less footprint on my desk, but alas.

Keyboard was not as good as I was expecting from all the reviews I’ve seen, but after a while adjusting I’m happy with it now. I appreciate the solid reassuring base whenever you use the laptop on anything soft. Personally feel the backlighting isn’t as well lit as my surface Pro cover, but I know the EVE keyboards were NOT as well received so this may be an upgrade. Hinge is wayy different to what I anticipated. It feels way looser to articulate and move, I always thought it would be stiffer. People may argue that it was done so that the laptop could be opened with one hand, and my SBook fails this test. At least reliably. The in-screen magnets are reassuringly strong but way too strong to easily separate to open the laptop. So it’s very hard to open a first, then it’s super easy to swing back after. Installing a thick glass protector decreased the separation force noticeably but still not enough. I can open it with one hand if I use a fingernail and pry it directly vertically up, but I don’t fancy wearing down the surface when I don’t need to.

So relieved to have 16GB at last and I’ve seen a dramatic speed increase day-to-day, animations are just more smooth with less lag. The 13" Surface Book 2 GPU config only has a fan in the keyboard portion and not in the tablet, this means it’ll be a lot more reliable in its later working life and the heat is not too noticeable, but granted I haven’t stretched it just yet - just transferring programs and files over. There is coil whine though, little bleeps that ring out occasionally. This can be annoying, but I prefer this to the constant burring of the fan on my Pro 4.

Hope these impressions helped, any q’s let me know!


No worries about how long you take to reply, there’s no time limit. I’ve seen people reply to threads that have been inactive for months :stuck_out_tongue:

How have you found GPU compatibility? I’ve heard of people having issues getting it to work with some programs.
Especially the 1060 model and Autodesk Inventor.


To be frank with you everything I’ve done on the laptop has only warranted the integrated graphics so far! I’m trying to get Premiere set up to trial it, but it’s not be cooperative at the moment…

Never had a strong enough PC before to game on it, so no software to take advantage of it yet!


Fair enough. Let us know how things go. I imagine there are a lot of people considering a Surface Book, and would love to hear about your experience!


Oh. Forgot to mention an aspect that may be important for travellers out there. So the Surface Book hinge in all its glory does do the job: dockability, allows for the dDPU and extra battery connection in the dock, etc…

But the maximum angle it articulates the screen to is pretty pants. If you ever need to use the laptop in a low height position and you’re stooping low to view the laptop, the screen really won’t go back to what’s ideal. I’m literally going to dig up an old protector and measure this damn angle.

The screen is vibrant and clear and bright and lovely and compensates for the sub optimum angle, but in case you need to do this a lot it may annoy!


Wow @Tom_P you’re a wealth of information. I look forward to MS delivering my SB2 sometime soon.


No problem. Interesting to see where your experience may be different on a brand new piece of hardware!


Yup. The laptop hinge angle is the biggest reason I stay away from Surface Laptop and Surface Book. In fact, this is a pet peeve of mine on many modern laptops.

I do not recall this being an issue in older laptops, and thankfully, just about all of Lenovo’s laptop hinges extend 180 degrees.


they always compare v with surface. but now who is laughing, the surface owner, microsoft are laughing at eve. V are cheap, unreliable, no support , hell even no device after paying it. i m so glad that i refunded and got the money back without problem. i m so glad now with my MBP


I think it’ll be nice not to gloat at other people’s situation…glad to hear you’re enjoying your MBP. To be honest, my experience with support, software wise back in March, was actually decent. I experienced problems after upgrading to 1803 and asked Support for a clean install ISO so that I can clean install with V drivers included. I’m a bit sad that BIOS support wise there isn’t anything so far but my V has been running solid for nearly a year (got it last November as Hyper Early Bird) and I’ve been keeping my own device drivers updated using the free Driver Booster by Iobit.

TLDR: I hope things work out, especially for those with hardware problems and those who haven’t received their devices, but I’m personally a happy HEB user and am looking forward to more improvements coming down on the software side when Eve finally resolves its troubles.