New 2-in-1s From the Competition (late 2018)


With some new designs coming out, and Microsoft’s big Surface presentation coming up, I thought it could be interesting to have a thread for discussing the new competition.

For example: an interesting new design from HP, the Spectre Folio.

Leather case
an interesting hinge design
2 thunderbolt ports
one other USB type C port
pen support
1080p 400nit “low power” screen
Y-series CPU
21 hour battery life



3 type c (2 TB3) ports and 0 type A ports.

I don’t think there is a single person who wouldn’t be happier if there was one less type c and one more type a port.

Edit: Actually, an interesting device. The flippy-flap-lay-almost-but-not-flat creates an incline that I think is much better than just using a tablet flat on a desk (BTW imo the V doesn’t open far enough for it to be comfortable to write on, and it’s surprisingly difficult to find something to prop it up on a desk).

I think personally I might like this more than a detachable because I would almost always use it with a keyboard anyway, and this design doesn’t have the 360 problem of mashing keys while in tablet mode (keys are usually turned off but it just feels weird).

Still, I wouldn’t purchase it because I like being able to use 99.99% of all thumb/pen drives in existence.


If those 3 USB-C ports are working (not like loose ones at my V), this will be better than 2 USB-A (working), 1 USB-C (upper) too loose, that cannot be used for serious work due to often disconnects and 1 USB-C (lower) mostly useable, but still not tight enough at my V.


The HP Spectre Folio actually sound pretty decent. Edit, watched a couple of short videos on the HP Spectre Folio and it just looks like a generally really nice device, anyone know the release date?

I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on anything announced at Microsoft’s event later, who knows maybe something might tempt me away from wanting to wait for my V!


It’s indeed a better device.


It certainly seems like it could be, seems like it’ll be coming to the UK in November as well and it’s looking like that could be when people waiting for the V could receive them at the earliest. Certainly a very tempting device.


Microsoft just announced their Surface Pro 6. Now if only my refund would arrive soon so I can pick it up.


Its funny I just saw the HP announced yesterday - it looks very interesting. I will keep an eye on the reviews.

I was naively hoping MS would announce an Surface Book 3 today. It didn’t. Maybe the HP will get such good reviews I will hop on that bandwagon for a few years.


I followed the Microsoft event, I was half expecting something new (other than the headphones) to actually warrent holding an event, most spec updates can be covered by a press release. The Surface Pro 6 (why they’ve gone from numbers to just ‘Surface Pro’ back to numbers I don’t know) looks decent as always yet I still believe they should offer at lest the keyboard or the pen in with the standard price as with one or the other it can at least be used as a drawing tablet or a laptop.

Anyway, still nothing quite as compelling as the HP Spectre Folio. Only thing I couldn’t work out from the Folio is which of the 3 screen options was being shown, as there’s a normal 1080p version, a 1 watt 1080p version and a UHD version coming out later in the year. The screen looked really good from what I could tell though.


I tried configuring the HP last night and couldn’t find the option for 16GB memory. I’d probably go with the HP over the Surface Pro.

Now if only my refund would come before the end of the year so I can get it for the holidays.


You don’t want to join the dongle era? :wink:


Edgy matte black finish on exactly the same case and IO not new enough? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I could live without a USB-A port most of the time. For the little it mattered I would just leave a dongle in my briefcase.

I wonder if it can be ordered with more storage (256 GB - tad small for my main computer) and more RAM.


ok i guess it would be fair to say i’m against it cuz i do not own a dongle and would have to go buy one. i suspect i would be perfectly fine with it if i already owned one, and it was small enough to fit in the sleeve i carry my device around in.


If you do really want one, and it isn’t available in 512 GB, one option would be to get a high capacity micro SD card. It wouldn’t give the same performance, but would get you up to, or even beyond, 512GB.
(Assuming it has a micro SD car slot, which I’m pretty sure it does)


For the next few years at least, a native USB-A is definitely nice to have.
I too want to avoid entering the dongle era :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it does have microsd slot. If you order the i7 folio you can get 16gb and up to 2tb


Thanks for triggering this discussion. There are the major choices I see:

  • Spectre Folio:
    pro - fantastic form factor, pen support
    con - limited to 8GB of RAM, performance of Y Series CPU is unknown, limited SSD
  • Dell XPS 13 (detailed review here: XPS 13 9370 (
    pro - Thunderbolt 3, excellent performance as much RAM and SSD as you can throw $$ at.
    con - no pen support, no USB-A (doesn’t bug me much)
  • Surface Book 2 13"
    pro - excellent performance as much RAM and SSD as you can throw $$ at, pen support
    con - no Thunderbolt 3
    open question - balance of the laptop is it ok for a traveller?

Which machines am I missing? What pros/cons would you addd?

My leaning currently is the SB2 since they have a 30 day return option.


The folio can be configured with 16gb and up to 2tb. i7 16gb, 512gb is $1749/us. If my surface 3 dies this is top on my list.


Well I guess I will be the group test bunny for the SB2. I just ordered one - 13" - Core i7 16GB RAM - 1 TB SSD. I also bought a pen and the MS dock. I will now have to mortgage my first child to pay for this. Everything has a 30 day return policy. So by early Nov I will know if this is a good device for me or not.

I guess the advantage of running your business you have to ask permission before spending money.