Need Thunderbolt 3 to Firewire 800 adapter or dock


If it will pass video, I’m willing to bet it will do audio too. Let me know if you get a chance to try it on the Eve, please!


Yes I rang, them and emailed them. Because earlier they were saying they would support it I made them triple check. They have now categorically told me that the owc 13 dock will not work on windows. They made no comment about any plans to release a windows compatible device with firewire.


Let me know if this works for you.


Hi, signed up to add my input to the conversation.

I have been through a similar situation.

I have a few remaining firewire devices including RME & MUTU audio devices.

I had an old windows laptop which I specifically purchased as it had built in firewire 400 and a PCI express card slot to expand that further, unfortunately due to a child related incident, it died its death.

I was forced to buy a new computer and looked endlessly for custom builds etc but non could be found either with PCI express or firewire.

I also looked at various port solutions including the OCW thunderbolt 3, unfortunately with this everything works in windows except the firewire. The new version OCW bought out which is specifically windows compatible… does not have a firewire port, great.

In the end the only solution I found is this.

I have a Macbook Pro (2015) with bootcamp (windows 7) which works with the apple thunderbolt to firewire adapter or OSX which has native support.

and I have a desktop windows machine with a firewire card (Exsys EX-16415) - I specifically chose this one as it had 3 external ports including 2x800 and 1x400 powered, also it is the texas instruments variant which always proved more bombproof when recording. It works flawlessly with all 3 of my devices hooked directly, I chose this method rather than daisy chain for stability. I believe when you first set up the drivers you have to manually chose an older windows 7 driver to work with win 10 64 bit, but there is a microsoft article taking you through this so was not so complex.

Both my RME and MUTU are still going strong and I spent the equivalent of about $50 on th PCI card and the laptop and PC I regularly upgrade anyway so don’t count the cost, the macbook was second hand with 2 years AppleCare guarantee still remaining. Since it gets used sparingly anyway it has also worked without hitch.

hope you find this info useful


B&H Photo sell a lot of OWC gear. A couple of their customers have posted comments regarding their success with the OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock with Windows 10. One guy in particular said he plugged it in and it “just worked - no BS”. He connected his Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 20 in / 20 out audio interface, and it fired right up. Another guy had similar success with a Phase One P40+ digital camera back. They noted that the device even provided bus power from the FireWire port. This would support Gustave’s experience with his Sony video camera on his Asus Windows machine.

I contacted B&H and explained what I needed to do. I told them that I wanted to try the dock, but that if the FireWire interface didn’t work on the Eve V, I would need to return it. They advised me to keep the packaging, and if it did not meet my needs, they would accept it for a refund. On the strength of that, I am placing an order, and will report back.

Here’s an educated guess: I found a pre-release review of the OWC TB3 Dock from January that indicated it would be both Windows and Mac compatible. At one point when I contacted OWC, I was told that they were working towards Windows certification. Now they seem to be saying the device will never be Windows certified. My guess is that the device works, but Microsoft was just too big a pain in the a** to deal with, so they gave up on obtaining the certification. Just my 2 cents.

Windlord, I appreciate your input. I know that I am not alone in continuing to use high end gear based on the FireWire interface, and I certainly feel your pain! At the moment, I have a Late 2011 MacBook Pro that I use for recording. It has a built-in FireWire 800 port, so I’m fine for the moment. I’ve upgraded the RAM to 16 Gigs, and replaced the 5400 RPM hard drive with a 1T SSD. It’s perfect at the moment, but it won’t last forever! Hence my interest in something like the OWC dock. If it winds up working, I could wind up owning several computers after the V that will still have Thunderbolt 3!