Mystery Box 2.0



You know what’s nice guys? Listening to Mick Gordons amazing soundtrack for ‘Doom (2016)’.
What’s even nicer? Listening to it while testing mystery box!

[Donald Dock][Step 3.1][SUMMARY/POLL] Decide product type
Community Digest 03.11

Just awesome!!! I’m happy for the rest of the day now! :smiley:


Why 2.0? Where’s 1.0? :smiley:
And… is that Eve eGPU? :open_mouth:


An eGPU inside a suitcase? Airport layovers are gonna be so much fun now!


Now THIS is a teaser :star_struck:



@Konstantinos stop teasing us and show us What’s In The Box!!


Very subtle! Good spot!



Ohh oohh , OK let me buy one right away !


you’ve made my day konsta,… :smiley: evegpu


I need an eGPU and V before Christmas. I am about to order AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box

Should I wait ???


Honestly, whatever the project is, I don’t think that with everything going on a delivery before christmas is likely. Not official, of course.


Lol at the trolley :smile:


Heavy Breathing eveGPU? :thinking:


Please, please use that video as advertisment. A CEO doing some nice headshots in a bloody shooter. Best ad ever. :joy::rofl:

And maybe put some dirty laughing into the video. Like “Muhahahah. Take that.” [Then some russian cursing.] “Bam! Come get some… hahaha.”


This. If I could, I would like to like each like on this comment.


If you absolutely need it before Christmas then I’d order the AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box.


Still wondering if i really need an eGPU



I’m pretty sure he meant Eve eGPU…


No. I was just asking this AORUS…
The Eve one i know it is still a mystery