My Windows is still not activated since March 2018


As I mentioned at the topic, The logo “Activate Windows, Go to Settings to Activate Windows” has been with me since I get the Eve V in March 2018. On Aug 6, the support team mentioned that my Windows can be activated by the end of that week. But nothing happens till now!

What’s more, in this half year, one of the kickstands hinge screws get lost. The Bluetooth logo and even the driver get lost suddenly. And I can’t find any solution in this forum and after Google it.

I just get desperate and don’t know where can I voice out those unpleasant feelings and solve these annoying problems.

I just wonder how many of you have faced some similar problems and get fixed already?


Hi @Taylor_Chung,
all of of the kickstands hinge screws on my V got lost. I send it in for repair on 07-18-2018 and it is still gone