My V kickstand is broken, all screws are come out and gone missing


Hi, my V kickstand is broken, all screws are come out and gone missing. Now my V cannot stand properly. I have contacted support, they replied that they will send me replacement kickstand, I have been waiting nearly 2 months, still haven’t received the replacement. I have contacted support few times, don’t get any response. Do you guys know what happens to support team? Do you guys know where can I buy the exact screws? Maybe I can fix it myself.

Dear Eve people, this is where we stand

@mirv do you have the exact measurements of the screws? I’m interested in it for myself because people are waiting for my kickstand to come off…


Had the exact same problem. Now with both hinges.

The problem comes from the poor threading and the short screws indeed.

Only option is to get a replacement. I’m waiting mine since 3 months now, so a bit more than you. Supposed to come with the batch of the last 4th of December sale at the end of month (so now in fact…), if you believe the last message I had from them, 3 weeks ago, after multiple inquiries (of course).


You might be able to do them at a lathe machine if you were to know the distance between the lines,teeth, circles , you name it. This technical detail should be easy to get if you ask the support team.


That’s funny. You did read where he cannot get support to respond to him did you not?


Everyone is saying to ask the support. For me, it worked every single time within 10 working days. Maybe his ticket has been lost as there was a time when such issues were really common.


What about using the magic of super glue?


I am quite sure that super glue will not hold due to the torque that is places upon the hinge. If super glue would work why would we still be using screws. Screws with a thread locking compound like loc-tite would probably be best option.


“It doesn’t hold? Just glue it, god dammit.”

I’m sure that’s gonna look so very professional, you’re V will shine that way (hey, why bother buying something with screws, if you can just glue it ><)


Duct-tape …



And if you tape it to much: WD-40


Hail to the chart!

And if it belongs to army - paint it green.


No, I don’t have the instrument to measure. Can you please tell me if you have? Thanks.


I just lodged another ticket yesterday, still didn’t get any respond.


Better use some Locktite (should be available in your local hardware store) instead of super glue.


The screws are lost. Loctite is no good without the screws. I am curious as to whether they unscrewed or stripped out. As short as people are saying they are, it is possible that the torque on the screws from opening and closing is either stripping the screws or snapping them. If thy went cheap on the screws and used the wrong hardness this would explain the issues. Or it could be that no Loctite was used and that would be stupid.


You may try to find new screws at an eye-wear shop or something alike.
They have a lot of tiny screws in stock.


I highly doubt eyewear screws will be of the necessary hardness. The hinges will exert a lot more torque than an eyeglass hinge. Even if he found ones that fit(which I think is rather unlikely, as this should have a much bigger head) they will rip right out or lose their heads rather quickly. One of my previous jobs was selling fasteners.


Is the thread inside the holes still ok?


These screws are so tiny, that measuring them accurately is a challenge.
Only the Bill of Materials (BoM) has the definite answer - this is my educated guess.

The screws seem to be M1,6 and the screw length is about 2,2 - 2,3 millimetres.
This length may not be widely available and the choices seem to be either 2 or
3 millimetres (I’d recommend 3 millimetres length - it’s easier to make something shorter).

M1,6 can have the following pitches (thread rising in one turn): 0,2; 0,3 and 0,35.

I doubt that all of the pitches are widely available and it seems that coarse pitch 0,35 is
the only widely available one (based on my concise web search).

At least one electronics web shop in Finland sells M1,6 screws (but the pitch isn’t defined),
so an electronics store seems to be your best bet for finding similar screws.

The screws have a flat Phillips countersunk head.


Use thread lock at installation!