My V is haunted! is there any exorcist here?!


I just realised that I need some extra virgin olive oil, but then I realised the extras are all waiting in heaven, so I’ll have to use cold pressed oil I guess.


The meaning of (Stanley Kubrik’s) HAL is kinda name game: HAL are the 3 letters before IBM.
Only some people know about that…


Cool info, didn’t know that


You can’t see it but there’s an epic underground struggle between me and the forum police. I’ve been creating the book club and they’ve been YtksHJdkn En kaASsd knfnkAk

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It’s far more epic than you let on!
I keep losing posts all over the place.

I know they are shadowing me to see where I go then they shut that thread too, and then remove all evidence.
I saw then tailing me in their Finnished registered black Vololvo today, and I pretended not to see them.

The funny thing is, I happen to agree with them, but don’t tel them.

I’ll continue to lead them on a mary chase and she can take the blame.


Be extremely careful, they have alt-demon kits at their disposition which are quite aggressive.


Ok I lol’d so hard at this I legit forgot what I was walking to the store for. I’m not even kidding.

Nice play, Mr. Sasquatch hands. Who knew fascism could be so hilarious?


Don’t let your tits speak man! :zipper_mouth_face:



I wanted know how you did this bit. - image

Because I don’t think they will be YtksHJdkn En kaASsd knfnkAk, if if we do.


yesterday i experience something strange.
my V was on 17% battery so i shutdown my V to save what as remaining. suddenly a 30min later out of no where, my V on FULL Volume stared playing something which sounded like a youtube video however my V was not connected to the internet. i haven’t even watch youtube at all yesterday. WTF happened?


It’s very important that you tell us exactly what YouYube video started to play, as that’ll have a large bearing on assessing the issue more precisely for you?

In addition how did you shutdown your V?
What process did you use exactly? Was it - Long hold of power button or Slide to close or some other method?



Ok. I couldnt tell cause it was in my bag. The sound was muffled but sounded like talking (specificly talking to a camera)
I turned of my V by holding down the power button and slide to shut down screen.


Imma calling Hellsing

… … …

Alucard will be arriving tomorrow evening, pls hold out untill then.


Try to turn it off by continuing to hold down the power button.
It seems to override the “slide to close” feature.

And fear not Tnuoc Alucard is coming to rescue you from the clutches of the angry rabid chickens.
As Thedestiny said it will all be OK by tomorrow night!

They hate being kept in a bag in the dark.