My shipping tracker is NOT live!


  1. I got an email from EVE that shipping tracker is Live!
    Mine is not! I can’t find my timeline for delivery my V…

  2. How can I use the 50$ gift card??? I can’t order only accessories from the website ???


You mean you got the $50 gift card? I still didn’t. Tracker also not live.


They send an email 3 days ago with a code…
but If u want to buy an accessories from the website you can’t buy only accessories?


No Gift Card, No Tracker ! Patience wearing very thin !


Seriously, I getting really worried that I’m not going to get my V before I leave to study in the USA. I’m leaving this August… Can’t believe that I ordered it in December and I’m still waiting. Like I get it, it takes time. Their business model is to produce V’s right when they get ordered. To eliminate the cost of having a storage center, but c’mon. Couldn’t they at least produced a couple 2-3000 of them before the flash sale, like have them almost ready to send(so they don’t need to store them) Or postponed the flash sale to do just that! That would 1. decrease waiting time for the customer. 2. Giving them a better image then what they have now.
I still believe in this product and methodology! I just hope they learn how to optimize this process, before it’s to late :frowning:


Mine really is live. Click your order details and check the bottom. There will be a short string of text that shows the minimum and maximum shipping date.


It’s not there for some of us.


No tracker for me.

Accessories SHOULD be able to be ordered from mid-may on (that’s what they said… :expressionless: )…



LOL I don’t see my estimator estimator of delivery date.

In the end we don’t even know the estimator will really work or not.

So, in the end, I will forgot that I order the V and surprise later. (Best route for me, too much salt already.) :sweat_smile:


My Tracker works - June 18 - June 30 estimate!


what order #… :thinking:


got a response from support regarding the $50 code, it will be available to use in their accessory store which opens later this month.

Also got my shipping tracker, estimated June 4 - 16 shipping! :smiley:


No tracker, no gift card and a reply that they will hold back my device until AFTER JUNE so they can start my refund process!!!
This is getting worse and worse.
Then I might as well spend those flimsy 50€ and hopefully receive a immaculate EveV.
Otherwise EveTech will surely pay for return shipment, or? @Konstantinos @Mike


No Giftcard (can’t they just use that $50 for shipping costs, I already ordered every single accessoire which was available lol - pretty sure I’ll get my eve as one of the latest because of an extra V pen or magnetic sleeve not being available :stuck_out_tongue:),

no shipping tracker,

no idea whether order number, device configuration or anything else has any influence on my place in the waiting list (how do they decide which order they are going to fulfill next? Lottery?).

Shipping tracker has been promised ~3 weeks ago (estimated 2 weeks), but then again, why would I be surprised again.

If I ever get the device and it’s broken in any way, I might as well wait for it to fix itself :smiley:

Good luck everyone.


I am surprised that a page wide, broadly anticipated and even by the CEO talked about feature is not introduced on the forum.
Maybe they’re doing a wave rollout like google?

Anyways, here’s a picture of mine.


Edit: And here is the official information


Nope, nothing here as well…


I inspected the html code!
You can see two tags for the shipping estimator but they are empty, what a joke!


Like WOW, why even bother sending notifications to ppl when your stuff is not working for everybody? Got notified and checked, nope not working, still no clue when i get my V that was ordered in Dec. Such a joke!


Have searched for and It’s the same here


There seems to be an error with authentication as pointed out here:

Painful indeed…

How to find shipping estimation for my order?