My review of my V... few weeks later



Hi guys i got my V a few weeks ago but i didn’t want to review it too early because i wanted to take time to evaluate the investment i made one year ago.

So first i read that some people didn’t get the right keyboard, didn’t got their sleeves, screen broken and i was a little worried but in my case everything went smooth i got all i wanted good from packaging to the V magnetic sleeve and the hdmi adapter and the french keyboard. Everything is good.

The screen.
It is really good, bright and crisp. The only minor default i got is that the screen is slightly bleeding at the bottom when i start the device. Really no big deal. Just not perfect but i see it only at startup.
The colors are really good too. So for the screen nothing to really complain about. This is an excellent screen.

The keyboard
I really like the alcantara but not really impressed, it is soft. i like the Bluetooth keyboard and the backlit but i see that i rarely use the backlit function. Typing on it is a pleasure.

The speakers
Definitely not impressed even after installed the last drivers I think this is because on all my devices, i mean my desktop pc and my oneplus 3T i use my JBL flip 3 Bluetooth speaker and the sound is really awesome when i watch a movie or listen to music or podcast.
So the sound of the V for me is juste barely OK. But like i said i never really use the speakers on my devices. MY JBL rule them all.

The weight of the device
I have to admit , it’s a little heavier as i thought it would be especially when i try to take it in one hand in tablet mode. A few minutes and my arm got tired. But when i’m sit i use the kickstand and it’s perfect.

Nothing to complain, it’s fast. Not the fastest device, i have the I5 but fast enough for all my stuff. You know for my usage office work, browsing, media consomption, i just disabled the turbo boost in the bios. So it stays at 1,2 Ghz max speed. And guys i really noticed a boost in battery life. I didn’t count but the device last all day long with no issue when i’m on the go. When you disable the turbo boost, the device is slightly slower but definitely not slow, totally usable i guarantee if you don’t use lots of tasks at the same time. And i like that it’s totally silent.

The pen
I didn’t use it yet.

Do i regret buying my V?
Definitely NO. I really like my device. Great performance for my usage, excellent screen, W10 works flawless for the moment. Battery life is good.

The sound is just OK, but i couldn’t care less. Because as i said my bluetooh speaker is the sound for all my devices and it’s awasome
I think Eve should do all they can to deliver faster. i know you’re a startup but this is too long.
The bleeding screen at the bottom and yes it’s a minor issue. I can easily deal with it. But maybe EVE should see this and correct this for the next batch.

Could i recommand the V?
But it’s hard for me to recommand a premium device with not the lastest intel CPU inside at this price but with a lower price for the M3 and it could be a hit for sure.

Guys continue the good work and waiting for the next EVE project


This is a good review but you were vague in a few areas. For example you said that battery life is good but that doesn’t really tell us much. 12 hours? 15hours?

When disabling turbo boost, you mention there’s a slight hit in performance but again not specific. Is there longer startups after waking the device? Do browser streaming vids play with intermittent lag? Do antivirus programs take longer to perform scans of your device? Etcetera.

I think I speak for the community when I say that we appreciate the time and energy you took to write your review so thank you.


thanks for the review, but its totally lost on me with out your input on the pen. My main concern is the quality of the pen. I’m an artist., so ,so much is dependent upon this pen.


I’m not a creator, or producing any content. Lot of my work is made on word and Excel. I didn’t use the pen because I don’t feel the need to use it.
But I saw a video where a girl drawing nice pictures with the V and its pen


I can add a bit to this - if you unplug the V and switch it to better battery mode (the second to last setting, not battery saver), it is very similar to turning off turbo boost in the bios.

On that setting on my i7, I can easily get upwards of 13 hours of runtime.

For reference, normal usage (well, I guess it’s heavy use compared to some users) with turbo boost enabled gives me between 4 and 7 hours - 6 seems to be the median


I’ll check that thanks, I’ll let you know


That sounds like some program is keeping your cpu in Turbo quite long. I have a similar problem when watching with mpc - just having mpc open boosts the cpu up to 3 GHz permanently :smiley:


So i tried and i can confirm that this battery saver mode doesn’t disable turbo mode. You have to do it by yourself in bios Just look at the cpu speed and the fact that battery saver is enabled with the green badge on the battery logo


Oh, it’s not an issue with the V, I know it’s specifically how I use the device that’s causing it to go to boost speeds a lot. A lot of multitasking and the like.

Wrong mode.

It doesn’t disable turbo boost, it just makes the CPU go to turbo boost speeds a lot less.

Meant that as an option peeps could do a trial run of sorts before going to fiddle with the bios, to see if they could live with less processing power in exchange for potentially a significant increase in battery life.