My journey with the V...


My experience with the V so far… It has been nothing but awesome time. Every day when I’ll use my V I’ll notice new little things that make me love my V more and more. The design is sleek and stylish and I especially like the semi-matte black color. The pen is amazingly accurate, the keyboard is excellent and the response when you’re writing it is much better than on my laptop. The screen is sharp (or should I say Sharp) and repeats the colors accurately. The fingerprint reader is super fast and it’s almost heavenly to use that to open my V. Then there are these little details like when you turn the V on first you’ll see those words "Made by them us”, V logo on button V and my favorite “oops!” that replaces the backspace button.

It took me a while to realize what was the problem, but when I realized it made me laugh… and I mean LAUGH… The person who has assembled the keyboard has assembled buttons. : and - _ wrong order. You can guess that it’s quite confusing when you try to end the sentence and press the button and it gives you - (dash) instead of . (dot) :slight_smile: Luckily I’m very handy with my fingers and I managed to replace those buttons to their own places.

I hope you’re continuing this awesome voyage with V and you’ll bring great accessories to use with V and in the future, you’ll develop new V or is it VI or even maybe X.


I believe you. When you have perfect V there is nothing you can want more. Maybe mini Jack amp bios update…


Im really interested to by a V myself and sofar heard only things about it. But the shipping situation worrys me. How long did you wait until you got it?


It’s so nice to read these words. Another one would have opened a support request, ask for refund and opened ten topics about his faulty device because of the two buttons… You just tried it yourself and the love to the device is bigger after having success with just a tiny repair action…


In your place, I would write to support, or contact form or whatever on the eve-tech page. And ask them, “if I order a V now, when will I have it in my hands…”
I think guessing here on the forum only would wake
up all those negative comments again.


As a number of ‘we know it’ people stated that changing keys/buttons is close to impossible:

C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s :clap:

And howdidyoudoit ?


Carefully remove the keycaps and then snap them back on in the right position :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s definitely possible, I’ve done it with the supports blessing but it sadly didn’t fix my problem :smiley:


That’s is true and I have used my V now for four months now and every day has been pure joy. The battery lasts for a whole day, even if I’m using my V to watch videos and listening music, and I also haven’t had any kind of negative issues with my V in that time


I made my purchase when they had this Early Bird campaign going on on IndieGoGo and the first schedule was that I should get my V fourth quarter in 2017, but they had a few delays so eventually I got my V early this year. Those delays were some technical issues and they replaced the original display to a better one.

You should definitely contact Eve Support and ask what is the time for shipping your V if you order it now.


Yes, I just decided to try it myself and the joy was something unexpected when I got it all back together and I found out that it fixed my problem. All what it needed was a little bit of patience and handy fingers


Thank you! After I got it done I was very happy and proud. All that it took was a little bit patience, handy fingers, and small tweezers.

You first pop up the key, but you should be very careful so you that you don’t break anything and then you just put those small pieces in a correct order to your button and then you place it back to your keyboard and press until you hear a little snap. Then you now that it is in place.