My Eve V i7 1TB Review


Everything was delivered in one box, it was well packaged and it felt like I was opening a high end professional product, good experience.

Great resolution and it looks incredible to me, I can’t fault it. Yes it’s an LCD so there is some backlight bleed at the bottom but honestly I’ve only ever noticed it when it’s on a totally black screen when I first switch it on, not at all when in use. I wouldn’t have thought about it at all if I hadn’t seen it mentioned on the forum. Screen is 10/10 for me.

I have not done any technical benchmarking on this but I’ve been running multiple browser tabs, FTP, Skype, text editor, Onenote, a local Apache server, Spotify and email client + various other little tools and not noticed any slowdown in performance. Everything is quite snappy it does everything I wanted it to do. I’ve also been able to play some Steam games on it with a Bluetooth controller. As it’s only integrated graphics it works best on low settings and a lower resolution (I’ve been playing at something like 1280 x 800). I’ve stuck to basic games really, most graphically demanding so far being Road Redemption. The only problem I had was the Steam overlay flickering at the bottom corner on that one but that may have been a software issue.
The V casing can get quite hot at times, particularly if doing something intensive like gaming, but as it’s fanless I think that’s just the way it gets rid of heat so I’m not going to worry.

I’ve mostly used it plugged in at home - someone can correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding is if I use it plugged in and the battery is 100% then the power bypasses the battery, so this should be good for preserving battery cycles? I’ve done that a lot as I’ve been sat near a power outlet.
When it has been running on battery though the power initially seemed to drain faster than I would have expected, it ‘feels’ like I’d be lucky to get 5 hours with my usage. I cannot say that’s definitely the case though as I haven’t actually road tested it for a full day’s work without charging, or tried each combination of power mode and screen brightness for any length of time.

Love the alcantara it feels like a premium product. I haven’t had any huge issues with dust e.t.c. sticking to it although it does pick things up, it’s not that hard to clean off. It looks really nice when it’s attached and folded. I do a lot of typing and it actually feels really nice to type on for a small keyboard, much nicer than with some other laptops I’ve had, the keys are a decent size, have a little bit of travel, and I’ve had no issues with any of the keys sticking like a couple of people reported.
The backlight does bleed out of the top row, tab key and arrow keys a lot at the angle I use it, but it does not bother me, it’s actually helpful to see that it’s powered on. The keys light up comfortably at night, not super bright (there are two settings and both are pretty dull actually) but it’s enough that I can see what I’m doing. I like how it flashes when you change top row defaults (Fn + Esc) or connect/disconnect from Bluetooth (Ctrl + F12).
It’s so easy to detach and re-attach with the magnet pins, love it. When I first used it it would often be very slightly off and cause windows to rapidly switch autorotate on and off for some reason, but that issue went away and now it nearly always aligns perfectly. Bluetooth connects instantly and largely works well however I’ve consistently had issues with little delays and missed keypresses over Bluetooth which can be a bit frustrating, so I’ve been mostly using it with the keyboard attached.

Seems good, picks up my 2 and 3 finger gestures reliably. I did set sensitivity to low in my settings as I think this helped me prevent accidental clicks (an issue I had when I first used it and never since). Some have reported a ‘tilted trackpad’ issue - I too noticed the left was a bit more inset than the right, but only a tiny bit, not enough to cause a problem or complain about. Actually, looking at it today somehow it seems to have evened itself out a bit so it’s barely noticeable.

I love it, it looks nice and it’s easy to write with, I’ve been enjoying doing so, it feels perfectly responsive to me. Some minor issues like when using it like a mouse it doesn’t always want to click on things from an angle (usually just needs pressing a bit harder) or my OneNote sheet moves a bit when I put my palm on it, but I think they’re mostly just a case of getting used to it (trick seems to be to hover the pen near to the screen before resting my palm). I’ve never had one of these pens before so I can’t say if it’s better or worse than any others. I’m also no artist and can’t say I’ve really been testing the different levels of pressure etc.

They sound like basic cheap speakers to be honest, rather tinny, not too different from the ones on my phone, but they’re adequate for what I do with it - I watched Netflix on it and it sounded ok. I wouldn’t particularly enjoy music through them. Setting up the EVE 1 and EVE 2 equalizer profiles did improve it a little bit so would recommend doing that. I’m not really sure how it works but I hear they’re rear-facing - I think it would have been better if the sound was more directed to the front, it makes no sense that people the other side of it can hear what I’m trying to watch/listen to better than I can. It’s fine/good with headphones in of course.

It works just fine but looks washed out and grainy even in good lighting conditions. I’d expect this sort of camera on a budget tablet. I don’t want to take photos with it or see myself in high resolution anyway so it will do the job. I just think a good camera on the front for Skype calls etc and none on the back would have been a better choice than two basic cameras.

Zip Case:
My V fits nicely and feels very secure in it with decent pocket space for what it is. I don’t particularly like the feel of the felt but I do like the look of it. Great zip. V pen sticks out a little too close to the zip for comfort but I’m sure it’s fine or I just need to shove it down a bit further (trying not to make it loose).

Plug / Cable / Ports & Buttons:
Cable is a decent length and plug seems good quality, I like how it came with international plug connectors - they’ll be handy for traveling. Some have talked about the top USB-C connection being loose - it does not initially look or feel loose to me but I’ve noticed it stopped charging when I thought it was plugged in, and I have to push it back in a little bit, so I think they’re right. I’ve started charging it on the next one down and never have this problem now.
I sometimes miss the power button slightly as it doesn’t stick out much but you quickly get used to it being just above the volume buttons. The finger print reader works brilliantly. Volume buttons are good and 2 USB-A ports + 2 USB-C are handy.


  1. Putting V into sleep mode (or leaving it on) and closing the keyboard against it produces ghost touches on the screen which don’t go away until I reboot. For now I’m leaving the keyboard open or detached when in sleep, and hibernating when I want to close it. This has not happened yet while hibernating.
    To add Hibernate to the shutdown options: Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power buttons do > Change settings that are currently unavailable > Checkbox Hibernate.

  2. Night mode would not work at first - was just a Windows problem though, I upgraded Intel 615 graphics driver and deleted some registry keys to reset it and it has been fine since.

Very pleased with my purchase. I’m impressed with what the Eve team have achieved. It’s my first 2-in-1 so I can’t compare to other offerings but I would say it was worth the wait, it does everything I wanted it to do and does it well, and for a lot less money than a MS Surface.

LB Shipping Corner

YOU just made the review like i would have. i think i agree with almost all you said: both the good and the bugs.


There’s many people (including me) who thinks the same. It’s a pity that that is what was finally decided.

Are you talking about the front or the rear camera?


Both really, they seem similar quality to me


Great review. Thanks for the time you put in to it.
I too have the tilted pad. But mine is so much that the left click often does not work. Especially if I am near the lower left corner. Support is replacing the keyboard but no idea how long that will take. Still waiting for all the accessories to be shipped.
Again, thanks for a great review.


Yeah, if you drop the resolution to something like that, the V can run a whole bunch of games. i find games these days either require stupid specs to even run, or run OK if you’re willing to not run at migh-as-well-be-4k (the native res of the V = more pixels than an ultrawide 1440p monitor), which even last-gen high-end graphics cards like the 970 can have trouble with.

yep, not somethbing you should be worried about.