My Dream Wireless setup - I might've got in here too late

Regarding the headphones:

  • Wireless
  • Good clamping force.
  • Universal ear-cups size for aftermarket upgrades on the pads.
  • Generous padding on top. (Leather / MF)
  • No plastic on main structure
  • Good Quality Audio.
  • -Open back with an option of making close back with a magnetic cap (no idea if this is possible but makes sense to me )
  • Discord certified Boom mic (detachable)
  • Inner Mic for casual use, cellphone etc.
  • No HARDCORE noise-canceling mics they sound terrible.
  • Everyday use look & feel.
  • 3.5mm detachable cable
  • 30 oms
  • NO RGB!!!
    *Some sort of auto-stop charging when charged?

Regarding a DAC or something (and here’s my friggin dream that I haven’t managed to accomplish):

  • 3 BT receivers (Console + Mobile + PC)
  • 1 BT transmitter
  • Volume control for all 3 Channels (Mix the console, pc & mobile volume)
  • Mute mic control for each channel (For example, I’m playing Doom & I get a random call so I mute mi Mic on console but keep talking on the phone while playing)
  • Mute audio per channel.
  • EQ Presets - Flat, EVE signature, Bass Boost, FPS, …

BTW if any of this is achievable somehow today let me know :sweat_smile:


What’s “Eve signature”? Does Eve have a “signature”?

By signature I refer to a “Custom EQ Profile” designed by Eve. So it would be a sound profile Eve considers to be the best experience possible.

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