My customer service experience


All I can say is “wow”. The Eve Tech customer service guy responded to me well within the 5 day estimation window to address my problem with the situation. They very kindly offered me the option of either setting up a new custom payment plan directly with the company, or to pay off the entire amount at once.

After considering my options I responded stating that I would rather just pay off the whole thing and be done with it. I further stated that I would only do so if they could give me a firm and reliable shipping estimate based on the assumption that I pay off the entire amount immediately.

That was four days ago. Never heard back from them. I even tried contacting them again yesterday asking if there was some sort of problem. No response.

This morning I sent them another email with an ultimatum. Respond within 24 hours or I report them to my credit card company as a fraudulent vendor and start procedures to get my money back. We shall see what happens.

I’m rather curious to see if the mods allow this post to remain up. If they do “archive” it, I wonder what innovative excuse they will use?


You’ve pretty much already given the answer yourself. Seeing as this directly relates to support, I’m just going to leave this here.

That said, this is very much an untested theory, but I feel like there have been instances where replying to an existing ticket has gone unnoticed, while raising a new ticket does get picked up. Do what you will with that theory :slight_smile:

also, pls don’t let this be a reason to flood support with new tickets :sweat_smile:


I thought that might be the tact they would take. However, this post is not intended to be an alternate form of attempted customer support. Rather it is to share with the community the bad experience I have had. You will note that nowhere in my post do I ask customer service to get in touch with me. I was merely relating events up to this point. “Archiving” this post because it’s supposedly in the domain of customer service would be deeply ironic and dishonest.


Please try to keep your experience down to one post.
The community becomes flooded with the same kind of content messages posted everywhere.


Everyone will be glad to know that Eve Tech customer support contacted me just a short while ago. A coincidence I’m sure. I’ve chosen the option of paying off the entire amount immediately. I’ve been assured of a shipping date of no later than mid July. I did this very much against my better judgment, but the idea of the Eve V is worth the risk. I did assure them that any shenanigans regarding the shipping date would not be viewed kindly and would result in consequences. We shall see what happens.


Welcome to the (poorly known :thinking:) “waiting under low frustration levels” sweep-stake. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:


I have my monster Digital Storm laptop to keep me happy until then. The Eve V will hopefully be my take to work and travel device. We shall see.


Hey folks i am stuck, I have no recourse - Eve customer support has had my eve for 3 MONTHS with no communication, I keep trying to get someone to answer me, but NOTHING. Can anyone help me by escalating this to a founder. I was a limited bird backer…and I was psyched to use this machinge, but this black hole of service is getting me to the point of calling the BBB or the authorities as they have my computer which is paid for…HELP!


My question to you is why didn’t you have gone to the authorities yet?
Do you think that konsta will pay from his pocket to get your V repaired? Do you read the forums? Your V is certainly stucked due to no-fund


This is not a good situation.
It would not hurt to start a new custom support case.
But, as it looks now, custom support has to wait until de V’s backlog is handled.