Muse - Sample Unit Testing Scenarios

It has USB-C.

Earpads are reasonably comfortable, could maybe me a bit more padded.
Overall comfortable in the half hour I had them on, can’t say much more on that for now.

Also noticed: The touchcontrols just did not start right now? Had to restart the Flow to get them working again. But will write it off as a fluke for now.

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@iKirin One more thing how is the weight like does they feel like very light and cheap in build or distributed weight with great build quality. And, thanks for answers.

When sitting on the head, it’s pretty much on top of my head for me (might be how I wear my phones), does not feel as nice as the Sony BT with the surface finish but when holding them they feel decently heavy - not very heavy, but not like toys.

Are we suppose to post the full review here in the forum or into the private thread and it then gets published?

@Helios could best answer that.

I find them comfortable, however I did notice a slight headache after prolonged wearing, that could be unrelated though, I’ll try again tomorrow.

The earpads are comfy but fairly shallow, I have fairly large ears and they fit snugly but not uncomfortably.

The touch controls have been very temperamental for me, they only work 30% of the time for me, as does the stopping music on removal of headphones function.

Might just be teething issues though, I’ll obviously be much more detailed in my review.

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If everyone would quantify how many consecutive hours they wore their headphones and then talk about head/ear soreness and temperature in regards to describing comfort I believe we will get a better understanding

I’ve already got an essay of notes lol

Definitely a mixed picture of good and bad. My biggest feeling right now is spaciousness I get with music. I think the audiophiles call this a sound stage. Not having owned higher end audiophile headphones before this feels little weird but I think it’s a good thing! :rofl:


Send it as a reply in the personal message. We’ll publish all the reviews in a new topic later.

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Mine arrived today. First impressions of the build quality is that they seem pretty solid. Have them charging, will put them through the paces ASAP.

USB-C is appreciated and the folding mechanism is very similar to my Sony Wh1000XM3s.

Will respond to the PM once I’ve had a chance to evaluate these.


Looking forward to reading folk’s reviews, likes and things that could be improved!


Same, I’m looking forward to seeing the feedback from everyone.

I was going to share some initial impressions in response to the OP, but decided against it. Don’t want my thoughts influencing any other reviewers!

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Review submitted! I’m eager to see what everyone else thought as well but do note that these are not the muse headphones! Just the donor vehicle :wink:


I am submitting mine as soon as i get home, in 11 hours. 14h shift going on here. Any1 got to confirm the BT version though?

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Amazon say it’s version 4.2. I’m currently away from my review unit so I can’t try checking myself with utilities.

I highly presume it’s 4.2, but even 5.0 shouldn’t bring any major advancements :wink:

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Also, here is a small teaser to my review - this is without the sound or microphone section but it’s just a small 14k character review (2.5k words ish?)

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No advancements when it comes to quality of music. But it does improve several things that are nice to have: more range, dual audio, better power usage to name a few.

I thought I read somewhere that it’s also easier to connect to multiple devices.

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The final reviews are now live!