Muse Q&A session

Hi folks!

In a similar fation to Spectrum Q&A/ FAQ we are making a Q&A for Muse project! You are super welcome to ask any of the Muse related questions you have! We will be answering questions as they get posted but especially today!

Looking forward to hearing them!


When can we expect the product to get launched and will their be early test units or review units?


Does the chipset allows for google’s fast pair protocol?


Which colors will the muse be available in? Most headphones have a black and light color option. I wouldn’t mind some more splash though I’d like to let it blend in the office as well.

Or… you know… DBrand that sh*t


For Questions regarding Eve V please refer to this announcement here:


The obvious question: Which price point are you trying to target?

What kind of interaction are you going to implement? Touch sensitive surface (like sony), buttons (like bose), dial (like microsoft), what interaction? (like… many)

Has a decision been made regarding the replaceable battery?


I can second all questions @TristanSchaaf has mentioned :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Design-wise, how are you tying to achieve a very low pressure to top of the head/ears to ensure a long comfortable fit? That has been an issue with headphones for me so far.
  • Are you planing a case to transport them in?
  • Is there a chance to lay hands (or better ears :joy: ) on a prototype these days? I’m visiting Helsinki (and other parts of Finland) next week

We were planing to start shipping in October but we are now trying to get 4 mics for calls in and improve overal voice call quality as we feel like it’s one of the key opportuinties in the market today!

As for the prototypes absolutelly. I think in the next 3-4 weeks we will start prototype testing in community! It’s a super important step to get product right!


Asked from the developers and will let you know! It’s indeed a very neat add on


Learning from the past we wouldn’t like to have too many SKUs but I agree that most headphones do look quite dull today. We are thinking of personalization option for each order with big printed initials and stuff like that. In a way similar to Google Live case. We will share the ID files with you guys soon with color ideas!

  1. Competitive price point is the answer :slight_smile: I think headphones shouldnt cost arm and a leg! Once we lock down the ID fully we will announce the price!
  2. Currently our factory is really keen on touch and buttons. We generally like idea of buttons only. While dial idea is great we think its an unnesessary development risk as well as potential after service issue. So we are now looking into a possiblity of having touch with posibility to disable it as well as physical buttons.
  3. Unfortunatelly we can’t implement replacable battery without increasing the size dramatically and even then we would rather use that space for better acoustics. Headphones will charge fast and last quite long but I do understand the after service issue. We will see if its still possible to have battery replacable with help of some screwdrivers:)
  1. We are making a large earcup and have set the clamping force requirenmnet a bit below that of Sony so the end result should be very comfortable. We will share the shape of the frame with community! Ultimatelly prototype testing will tell what adjustments we need to make!
  2. Yes definitelly! And it has to be a hard case. I broke few headphones by not having priper protection before :smiley:
  3. For sure! We will be doing prototype testing! As for the helsinki visit that’s very cool to hear! Ping me up and we will show you around :smiley:

Personally I would be okay with black Eve Muses’ but would love if this Google Style Shell is an option and DBrand skins being out.

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What kind of fold are we targeting? The MX3 style collapse on itself or the NC700 rigid style where just the cups fold in.

What is the project timeline looking like? Eg design build test launch

Will there be a discount for existing eve customers?

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What is Google style shell?

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This kind of fold :slight_smile: please disregard the product itself :slight_smile:

I think discount for Eve supporters is a great idea for both spectrum and muse.

As for the Timeline the goal is to ship before the end of this year!

  1. What is the estimated battery life on the Eve Muses’.

  2. Will these headphones have awareness mode (where sounds are amplified rather than “cancelled”)?

  3. Will there be a way for the headphones to receive updates?

I think the newer cases are not Live Cases but they feature a cloth pattern instead.

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  1. It will be at least 24h thanks to Bluetooth 5 but I have to admit that dedicated amp and dsp for noise cancelation do add up consumption. We went with a dedicated Sony dsp and ADI amp to achieve top notch performance. Otherwise with Bluetooth 5 battery would be closer to 70h mark
  2. Yes. The key is to eliminate too sharp sounds :slight_smile:
  3. Yes though an App. Everything can be updated in the headphones when it comes to firmware/software

Love these responses!

Note that battery life on the new NC700s are 20 hours and no one has complained too much so as long as muse is mid 20s that is decent. The class leaders are mid 30s though …

  1. Do you have plans to reach out to audio professionals, enthusiasts and reviewers to ascertain what they would like to see improved in the Over Ear ANC Headphones?

  2. Will these be able to output serious bass? (I think this is what a lot of consumers enjoy, and would be cool if we can tweak settings to make the Muse more bass heavy if desired)