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We haven’t had a post about project Muse in a while. Mainly it is due to the fact that community requirements are quite clear right now and we have been working in the background on picking the right manufacturer for the Muse to get manufacturing realities infused into the project. With this post I would like to provide an update on what’s been happening in the background.

To set the mood:)

What to do in case elevator starts falling in China

After your suggestions in find these headphones thread we gathered as many headphones as we could of the ones you mentioned and tested them out.

Not all models made it to the picture :slight_smile:

Some of the products we already had in the team like B&W PX90, BOSE QC35 and Sony WH1000MX3 others we got online.

Here are our observations:

  • First of all we noticed that all of the headsets we tested had poor mic performance picking up incredible amount of surrounding noise making them very unreliable for phone calls.
  • None of the headsets ticked all of the community must haves. Some had good audio performance while being uncomfortable, others would have great comfort but lack IO, others had subpar noise cancelling or worst of all spotty Bluetooth connection.
  • What sets expensive and affordable headsets apart is build quality and feel. Wobbly buttons, squeaky headbands and non-durable finish.
  • Special mention goes to Taotronics headset as it seemed to be a very good value product for it’s price. Build quality was especially impressive. The main downsides were flat sound and some bluetooth issues but if you can live without those it stacked up very well against it’s competitors
  • We have also ordered some of the IndieGoGo headphones but haven’t received them yet. (there were few delays)
  • We have also tested headphones from Even the startup focusing on making headphones that adjust to your hearing. * While having us very surprised with the sound quality for the first few hours, some issues came shortly afterwards like static noise, constant Bluetooth dropouts and general product quality build.
  • Our reference for good neutral audio were Massdrop’s Senheiser HD6XX.
  • became clear that community must haves don’t exist in the market as is now especially below $300 price point. Community must haves are(to remind you):

So based on the testing here is how we see Muse in the market currently:


In the upper left circle are good quality audio wireless headphones that offer great music quality but often times lack comfort or some important “user experience features” such as USB C, replaceable earcups, etc.
In the upper right are headphones that are offering better user experience while compromising on Audio quality. None of the options come cheap. When we enter the realm of affordability we get compromises all around.
Muse would offer you great audio and user experience at a reasonable price.

It all sounds great but how can you deliver outstanding audio? :thinking:

Until today I was doubtful we could. But we have just met a manufacturer that blown us away with performance of their headphones! Their I/Os and other Features community wanted were lacking but the sound was there! My B&W px90 are pair of airplane earbuds in comparison! The amount of detail I could hear from my tidal playlist (especially with wired connection) was mind blowing. The only downside I noticed is that their driver technology is unforgiving and if song is badly processed in the studio it wont give you goosebumps but again it’s not really a downside. Is it placebo talking here? No! While the manufacturer was offering us different types of headphones none were really impressive. The pair i mention above was just lying around in a showroom and I tried it on out of boredom :slight_smile: I didn’t know they we anyhow special form others. My team mates share the same feeling! How is this possible(they produce for Audeze btw)? I won’t tell much in this post but i’ll post a picture :slight_smile: For now we will say that with their technology diaphragm doesn’t touch metal and therefore distortion is substantially lower than in normal driver.

Fancy render first :slight_smile:

Now the real thing!

What else can I tell you about this manufacturer?

The have spent 1 million RMB == 150k USD on plants in their facilities :open_mouth: This is the greenest factory I’ve ever seen


Here’s how Muse could stack up against it’s competition based on what we have so far:

This is the full list of features we want Muse to have (in bold as priority)

And here are the specs we are requesting proposals from manufacturers for:

We are meeting manufacturers this week to select the final partner we will work with. We can’t wait to share with you how that goes.

we met few promising ones already

What are your thoughts? Critical feedback is as always very welcome! What are your thoughts on Muse positioning and specs?

What post would you like us to do next?

    • Tell more about manufacturing of headphones and debrief of our supplier meetings and their samples.
    • More in-depth review of headphones we have tested out
    • Skip out on the 2 above and go straight to the next round of polling for community input.

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Bonus picture: Me blown away by audio performance of the headphones we found ( this is how I look like when blown away)


This was the project I was probably least excited about…

Well that changed


What’s the Star about here? :wink:

I have a pair of Audeara Headphones that do exactly that. They were also crowdfunded some time ago and they are quite good. Even though I only did the hearing test once :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the otherwise great Post and I am looking forward to the progress!

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I loved reading this. It has me so hyped. I could read it if it was 5 times as long as well, and I have a final exam today!


Remind me what the target price we’re shooting for is pls?

Exactly to your point about poor mic performance, I just picked up a (refurbished) set of Plantronics voyager 8200 uc headphones. This is for use in the office on Skype plus for pleasure during my commute.

I would describe them as fantastic for mic quality as it has directional mics to give boom like performance without a boom.

Compromise is pretty much everything else, nothing terrible but nothing amazing. Still, they will tie me over till I can upgrade to the eve muse!


Whilst I was researching headphones for Skype calls, I really wanted some over the ear but without a boom mic. As far as I could tell, there were only the Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC and the Sennheiser mb660.

For eve muse to reach out to the Business audience who will have deep pockets, this feels like an untapped market with little competition we could make a big impact in!


I totally second what you said :joy:


I am headphone audiophile and this project is looking exciting since your out to beat Sony with your replaceable ear pads , battery and can be their questionable durability issues. I am a backer of this project

I believe the sound performance will be the best of any Bluetooth headphone on market but no noise cancellation.

I like that your trying to make them Beats like with over emphasized bass and having the ability go wired only .

I will be watching this project with interest.


I have a pair of similar such headphones, going on for a few weeks now.
They are called Nuraphones
(It’s interesting that both this company and the company you mention “Audeara” are from Australia)

I can’t say that I’m very impressed and I find them somewhat uncomfortable and the sound does not impress me at all.

I’m not a sound aficionado or audiophile, but I know good pleasant sound when I hear it, and these Nuraphones don’t impress me at all so far. In fact they give me the distinct impression that the personalising aspect of the sound to each user is nothing more than a gimmick

They weren’t the easiest headphones to set up and tune to my hearing or ears.

The fitting is very sensitive and the support from the company is not good at helping customers. I get the impression the support and customer service has been designed by techies who have no idea how to treat customers and they probably don’t care anyway.

In the end I prefer my Bose QC35’s for comfort and offer just as good if not better sound.

I will try for another month or so, and if they’re still feeling/sounding the same or similar I’ll send them back.
The reason I can do this because they have a unique rental system that allows me to kind of rent/buy them.

Great selling / ownership idea for buying if only they were better.

Let’s make the Muse be something better, it looks like the competition is pretty ordinary so far.

It does not look like it’s too hard to reach the top in the medium price/quality range, though I’m certainly no expert in that field.


My experience with the Audeara is also like yours. I use them just as headphones and the ANC is okay, but nothing special. But I did not interact with the support in my case.
The sound quality was not that impressive either, but I am no audiophile and have also not much experience to compare them too.


Super excited for this update. Can’t wait to hear more! I wouldn’t change anything as to how the project is developing so far - seems to be right on track, in my books. Very much looking forward to more Muse info as things progress!


I feel you there!
Probably I’m still least excited about the mini PC, mainly because I do not have the need for it right now (it’s still a great project). But this post got me way more excited about Muse !!!

Looking forward to some insider manufacturing information, glad the vote goes this way :slight_smile:

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Welcome Please do weigh in when you see something interesting you’d wanna discuss. There are some serious audiophiles an also professional audio engineers in the community and your input is valuable. That said, everyone’s input is valuable !


Any details on the charging speed? It’s good to know how long it takes for a full charge.


Maybe at this stage the conditions won’t be real world and accurate? My 2 cents.


Full charge is overrated imo. If possible we should ‘hack’ the charging indicator. At 80% it should say full, but maybe tricklecharge after that.


I would love to see a charger dock and the ability to swap battery when needed and not wait for it to charge…
Dock for charging the headphones and an extra battery…


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While not bad, could certainly be useful for desk usage only, certainly not great.


  • Easy to charge
  • Could use some proprietary wireless connection that is better (in addition of BT)
  • multiple (physical) audio lines in/out

Con’s :

  • Takes up desk space
  • Not portable
  • Extra costs
  • Pogo pins

I wouldn’t be against it, but only as an optional device, and I don’t believe it will be sold enough for that.
(It reminds me of my first wireless headphones. Which were cumbersome, heavy and had a bad connection. The entire mounting dock was a FM transmitter)


The goal is to be able to fast charge to full capacity and provide 2-3 hour battery in a very short time. As @TristanSchaaf mentioned we need to see what the actual speeds will be but that would be the goal


Thanks for the info.


Spot on - my feeling has always been that for Eve-Tech to really succeed needs much more than tech enthusiast interest and sales.

Doubt that the work up is of major interest to business end users (apart from CTOs and their teams) so when nearer end of development pathway then test marketing/reviews might be useful?