Mu One USB C charger



I’m just wondering if this will be compatible with the V and if there are any benefits of taking one over the standard V charger.


As long as its usb-pd it will work.


'In addition to the high wattage, which should be enough for charging a phone, Switch, or even a laptop over USB-C, the Mu One also supports the USB-C Power Delivery standard. It also claims to be able to intelligently manage power supply, depending on the device, so you don’t fry your phone by accident."


Yeah I saw that! I just remember there being a thread where it was said that even some USB PD chargers may charge at different speeds than what the V takes it in at.


This looks exceedingly similar to the Eve V charger…


Spec of eve v charger is that of PD? Outputs of charger match voltages and currents I’ve seen on others…


V charger uses the USB-PD spec so the general specs for every USB-PD (3.0) are the same.


IMHO, the Mu charger is way overpriced for what it is…a smaller charger. Keep your hard earned money.

I just purchased a compatible backup charger $15. It is smaller the Eve’s charger but not as small as Mu.


agreed. It looks nice and compact but the price is way over the top.


Hey, I think I’ve seen this when I used to travel quite a bit - I think 6, 7 years ago?

I remember this exact folding three pin thingy!

Either it wasn’t available for sale then or it was equally stupid expensive like the current iteration, because I never did buy one.