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Hello Guys!

Yesterday we met with Mozo Accessories. Coincidentally, they’re only a brief walking distance away from our Helsinki office.

Mozo is the official Lumia custom case provider.

We spent a good few hours talking about hardware industry, exchanging knowledge, experiences and tips.

They have some really inspiring designs in the field of swappable covers:

An idea struck us and we realized there might be a partnership opportunity between the companies.

What if Pyramid Flipper had a Mozo style cover by standard? It would be offered in different colors and materials.

This would naturally only be done, if heat dissipation would not be compromised.

  • Yeah, unique looking style!
  • Not really, I prefer metal look.
  • I don’t know.

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Another option would be to create the Pyramid Flipper’s keyboard with similar styling. Maybe we could co-create the keyboard together with them?

There are a lot of possibilities, but we want to know what you guys think!

Should Eve products be customizable with Mozo -style accessories?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Doesn’t matter

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I personally would definitely get a device looking like above over a boring metal one (that everybody else has, my opinion) if all other things in the devices were equal. How about you?

  • Yes, definitely
  • Only if a suitable color + material was available
  • No, I would like to get metal version
  • I could consider it, not sure yet

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As we’re inspired by you people, before making such decisions, we’d like to learn how do you like this kind of styling.

Should the Pyramid Flipper’s design be enhanced with similarly designed features?
Should portable computing have more fashion in it?
Could you let yourself be seen with a “fashionable” PC?
What would Pyramid Flipper look like if the back cover was made of hardened leather?

Share your thoughts guys! Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

More MOZO Accessories here:


It should stand out but I believe it would be better to stick with other materials (I’m not a fan of leather on the back of a tablet) such as ceramic. It IMO would make the back look a bit bland although it could give a nice texture. I would prefer to have that kind of design on the keyboard. It needs to withstand a lot wear and tear and feel premium, provided it doesn’t seem too flashy - it needs to coexist well with the tablet’s design.
I think computing devices should have some flare to it but it shouldn’t go overboard. Remember, many of us are using this for work and sometimes won’t like to have people constantly staring at your device. Make it just so as to amaze others :wink:
I believe it would look good but I can’t say for sure since I never held neither saw a Mozo case in person (only online).
Having said that I think we should have an option for a metal keyboard for those who wouldn’t want a leather one.

#3 You can see some online here @Artur !


I have seen them! Windows Central keeps me updated very well! Only online tho - I would like to see them in person to see the feel and looks (there’s nothing that can replace seeing in the real world). I really like their cover designs - the “wood” case, the red leather case with gold rims, the black case, the white case, the brown case… They’re all awesome. If I had to pick the best looking for me would be either the red with gold trim or the brown case. I would have to see in person to see which one I’d like to own best.


I’m not a fan of leather covers, but I like what they’re doing. I could see leather + metal working on a tablet - I just prefer polycarbonate for a phone.
I think that red would look good on the kickstand (and keyboard cover), with an ipad-like silver for the rest of the back of the tablet.


I don’t like leather either. But their wood covers are posh! :smiley:


For a pgone their covers are nice to have but having a leather back makes it IMO a bit bland (maybe put brown leather surrounding the keyboard and trackpad it would make it look premium and stylish while it would have a smooth surface (part of what I like on metal surfaces) so it would seem clean and minimalistic but with an artistic flare to it :wink:


I can totally see why people would want their tablet/keyboard covered in various materials/colors.

But I personally like a good metal/aluminum finish - I’m rather against leather backs in devices, I’d even take a plastic one over a leather one :stuck_out_tongue:

I know they don’t only make leather-stuff but for me personally it’s
Brushed Aluminum > Matte Plastic > quite everything else > glossy plastic
So, I’d not take one with those things on but the option to have it done would still be great as this might get some more people to get a Flipper :smiley:


Mozon suojus?

Se on selvästi kaksijakoinen ja ei helppo kysymys!!

Toisaalta on ikävä peittää noin todella hyvännäköinen (työ)väline mutta toisaalta 2in1 tabletti tarvitsee jonkin suojuksen - ei sitä ilman suojusta voi kuljetella “ympäri maailman”.

Mozon suojukset ovat hyvännäköisiä, mutta ovatko tässä tapauksessa tarpeeksi hyvännäköisiä ?

Itsellä ei kokemusta Mozon suojista, joten en tiedä miten hoitavat varsinaisen tehtävänsä - suojaamisen.
Suoja peittää suojattavan => estää naarmuutumisen, mutta entä pudotessa (oma Lumia 2520 rikkoontui!) ?

Siis Mozo vai ei - vaikea sanoa!


I do appreciate effort made by MOZO to bring good quality back-covers and accessories to Windows 10 Mobile world but I am totally against leather.

Apart from the unethical use of leather, it looks cheap to me. It reminds me Galaxy Note 3 back cover and other fake leather covers - gross. :dizzy_face:

However, I do not cross out MOZO design entirely. I really like wooden back cover, like those for Lumia 650.
How about a mix of Shield concept and MOZO back cover for Lumia 550? - Aluminium frame, and matt plastic back cover with color variants? IMO matt plastic looks 5 times more premium on tech devices tham leather. :wink:


I don’t like the leather at all either for phone or computer, I prefer the metal finish.
But maybe for the docking, a wood finish version could nice, it only depends of the type of docking you are going to offer; if it is only like a port replicator it could be possible, if it is like the Razer Core, I would find it useless.


I think that EVE should focus on usability. Don’t waste attention and effort on marginal matters like fashionable covering. Would the people who are attracted by such things even hear about Pyramid Flipper?


@Hellnar @SombreSire @Filip_Ka Amazing feedback!

Actually, we will show MOZO power of community. You see they do leather accessories even thou biggest Windows loyalists don’t like it on devices:)

What do you think of materials like that on the reverse side of the keyboard?

Things like: Kevlar, CarbonFiber, Wood, etc?

@Hellnar, I agree with you that usability is our number 1 priority but developing device that would also feel amazing in hands is important for many of us here. But usability is definitely more important that fancy materials :smiley:

And I agree that leather is not such a good material for tech gadgets + kind of leather on the pictures is outdated (my grandparents have wallets made of that textured leather):smiley:


To be honest, I’m more of a simple guy, and so I’d like to have a simple aluminum with a nice looking finish.

I think that such a “material-case” or however you’d call it should be an extra - like it is in the LG G4 where they had the “normal” version with the plastic/whatever back and an extra back with the leather on it.

Then again, I’m not much of a guy who’d care for a material if it’s not decently finished metal or matte plastic :stuck_out_tongue:


Huawei MateBook’s combined keyboard, folding stand and wrapper is so good that the design will be adopted by many other 2-in-1 producers. Why not also by EVE? Pyramid Flipper’s own kickstand is needed, too, when the tablet is used without keyboard. With keyboard it can be used for other angles than the ones provided by the folding wrapper.


The idea is good, but what is most important, is what the community thinks is best (and is doable from a business standpoint. There will be no tablet covered in diamonds for 10$ ;)). Yes, it might be a total other way than the general conses, but that is always the risk with a quite small community as is here.

From what I can tell on the [concept-design-thread] ( the “Connect” was the least favourite of the people at least from what I can tell by a quick skimming over the thread.

If you want to discuss on the design further, please go to the referred [concept-design-thread] ( and continue the discussion there. :slight_smile:


hey, @iKirin, Maybe you should be a moderator in our forum :slight_smile: You are absolutely right. We are not growing our community like crazy to ensure that we have high-quality inputs here like you all guys have! Thank you very much for that


The GEODE concept had this 2-tone back, one part metal and the other part coloured. What if the coloured part was removable, and we could get covers from Mozo? Would greatly enhance the customization capabilities of the Pyramid Flipper :grinning:


@AntonyTerence The design looks odd and awkward though.


In my humble opinion, it looks different from any other device out there :smiley:
Customization is always a plus, though.