Mounting Eve V. Magnet? Screw? Arm? (solved)


Hey, I’m going to buy:

I’ve decided to buy this monitor, because I’m going to put V next to this monitor to create something like 21x9 screen. I believe this is possible and I would like to ask you about how to mount V next to this monitor? Can I use magnets to hold V? I have Baseus holder for my Axon 7 and it is fantastic to use.

Like this -> link

I can use some arm with sucker to desk or something that I will screw to the desk top. Can you suggest something?

Anyone use the V in portrait on its kickstand?

It may be overkill but you can use an arm from Ergotron like this one :


wow mate, sooooo complicated :wink:

Can I use magnet holder for V? Is it safe or unit, ssd etc?


I wouldn’t be too confident putting a magnet on the V.


I want would be confident as duck. Like that poll I did that time.

Nah but I think my concern would be the magnets holding up the V instead of whether they’d damage the internals.


Magnet will be on the desk, on V I will put metal plate.


OK. I’ve found perfect solution from my beloved Baseus. It is great:

My live photos :smiley: ->