More information on the prototype testing & testers!


Hi dear community & prototype tester!

Since now around two thirds of the prototype testers have replied, it’s time to give all of you great people in the community some information how we are going to handle the prototypes!

Now, first off - since there are quite a bunch of potential tester that have not replied within the 72 hour limit, and we’re making space for community members that hopefully will be up to the task & reply! :slight_smile:

So, @Xervaro @JoeBoJoe @Liam1062 @Mullenia @Dxdolucci @James_Phillips @Sebastian_Geschke @Juhana_Kallio @Kazenorin you get the chance to test the prototypes! :slight_smile:

Please message me via PM within 48 hours with your shipping address! If not, we’ll give someone else the chance to test the prototypes!

Since that is out of the way, let’s talk about how we want you to test the prototypes & share your experiences! First of all, everyone who took up the chance now has the cool title “Prototype Tester” behind his name! :slight_smile:
Then we plan to create 2 categories Prototype Bugs & Prototype Experiences. Inside the Bugs category, only people with the title “Prototype Tester” can create a topic/reply, while everyone can see the topic. We decided to not let anyone comment in there, to make sure we don’t have to go through houndreds of replies when making 1 topic into a bug-report that we’re going to fix.
The second category is the Prototype Experiences where “Prototype Tester” can create new topics, and everyone can reply to them (and of course see them).

But it would be boring if we didn’t allow you to post anything, right? So let me give you a short list of what the prototype testers will not be allowed to do:

  • Intentionally damage/destroy the prototypes or open them up
  • Install malicious software

Other things like installing new software, taking pictures with the prototype, running tests, checking out the screen brightness, watching netflix with it until late into the night, taking it out to a nice candlelight dinner - all of those things and more are totally fine! :slight_smile:

In terms of which tester will test what, we will not limit anyone! This means, every tester can test everything, however we’d like to get the opinion of some testers on certain topics for sure (to get a good view from someone who does something professionally or as a hobby) (Please note that I’ll add people once they confirmed their shipping address):

eGPU: @lifeblogv3 @rathed - we’d appreciate your insight on the eGPU performance! :slight_smile: Be it with various games sent to the screen of the V or it driving an external monitor!

Artistic & Pen Performance: @s.auler @razaknk - looking forward to your insights of the pen performance in drawing and maybe how the colors look like compared to other screens :wink:

3D working: @Wallace_Bertholdi_de - I and many community members are looking forward how the V holds up with a 3D workload! :smiley:

Video editing: @Tamara - Also something that many people are interested about how well the video editing on the V is holding up! :slight_smile:

Musicians: @CheesyFeet @larseisberg - I don’t have too much knowledge about working with Music on a PC, but I’ll sure be looking forward to seeing your perspectives! :slight_smile:

Office Work: @smpark @Martin - Simply check how the V holds up with the office workload you throw at it! :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure many people are going to bring questions to you! :slight_smile:

Mobile Work: @zwehn @iglobal - Just how the V performs away from the socket on the go or how it is in general when taking it with you! :slight_smile:

Programming: (To follow) - All the code and compiling the heart could desire! Please give your feedback on this, I’m pretty sure people are going to ask quite a bunch of questions as well about this one :wink:

Linux: @henning @mamase @Tirigon - Just check out how the V performs in Linux & other OSes if you desire.

So, I think that’s it for this update! :slight_smile:
The first prototypes should go out this week, the rest following next week! :slight_smile:


@iKirin, such great news !!
Do you already know what kind of V will be sent to each tester (m3, i5 or i7)?


Will you let us update Windows on the V to insider preview?


Great news, do you @iKirin think there is any chance that some people will receive their prototypes before the weekend, since that would really give them a chance to test them and give us their impressions while we’re all enjoying our weekends?


AFAIK, only m3 cause i7y too expensive just for testing


Actually, I believe a mix of the three versions will be sent out as each has to be tested. @iKirin, any details on how many of each model V are sent out for testing?


Can you please define “malicious” software? :slight_smile:

@TheDestiny they said they would send each model to a number of people. Some issues might appear only with specific hardware configurations, so they want to have all the SKUs tested :slight_smile:


I thought it was going to be Linux. But I’m very comfortable testing the 3D capability of V since that’s what I do on the menu day to day today. Thank you @iKirin


It is such a shame so many of the 24 didn’t respond within 72 hours, oh well more for more interactive people!


This is strange but I can’t seem to private message. But I am interested.


You can only send PMs after you’ve made a specific number of posts on the forum… I’ll just ping @iKirin here, I’m sure he’ll sort it out for you :wink:


We will send out 8 i7s, 6 i5s and 6 m3s

It is quite pricey @TheDestiny but if that is the cost to have flawless device than its peanuts:)

We want to make sure all models are tested!


Looking forward to my one-on-one time with a V. Almost makes up for not getting a pre-order Switch. (almost… :slight_smile:)


I’m also unable to PM but am still interested (and honoured) in testing one of the prototypes. How long will we be afforded to test a unit? Will you include a return shipping label or is that part of the burden of being a tester ;-)?


Wooow, can’t believe I’m selected :smiley:

Really looking forward to it now!


Congratz :slight_smile: Is there anybody testing CAD Software or is that also tested by @Wallace_Bertholdi_de ?
Something like Vectorworks or so…


Depends on the time i have lefter after egpu and ihpu testing.

But i can do some cad tests too. From 2d drawing to 3d rendering and solidworks, tekla and inventor models.

Never had vectorworks but a short demo test should not be the problem. :wink:


Cool. I work as a professional lighting designer and use VW on a daily basis. It uses the Cinema 4D render engine since Maxon belongs to them.
It would be pretty cool and if you need any assistance let me know. It could be pretty heavy on both the CPU and GPU.


2nd chance and no chance for me also, I’m so sad :worried: but now I hope to have a lot of pictures, graphics, reading,… :nerd_face:
And we never know maybe a third chance :rofl:


Even though I’d like to have more chances (and silently agree)… but I don’t hope for a third draw to happen. Because I want the final product :wink: And not tests being pushed back due to the lack of testers feedback/commitment…