Monitor unable to wake from sleep sometimes

My monitor appears to have more than just the intermittent black screen issue, its also sometimes unable to wake from sleep…

What I do is, use windows + L to lock my screen, then have the monitor turn off by itself via auto-sleep.

However when waking, sometimes the monitor just stays on but black (can see dim backlight). Sometimes there is a No Signal message, other times there is just nothing.

There appears to be way way too many problems with the firmware… I thought the monitor would be roughly equivalent to the LG 27GP950 since it uses the same panel, but I didn’t think the firmware would be this bad.

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Is the power button responsive when your Spectrum gets into this state?

I’ve noted this in another thread, but mine has done something similar when I’ve let it go to sleep overnight. When it wakes back up, the LED will come on but the screen will stay completely black. The power button is unresponsive too, and I have to disconnect power for a few seconds to get the Spectrum to come back up.

I’ve only noticed this on the 104 firmware and never had any issues on 102R875.

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I had the same problem: after I got the new Eve DP cables, I have experienced this only once. I consider the problem to be solved for me:
I am on latest nvidia driver, firmware 104 and new DP cables.

I don’t think the cable is necessarily the fix here. I’m having the issue when hooked up to a MacBook Pro with Radeon graphics, using a 40Gbps USB-C cable.

The fact that the power button stops responding and it only started after the 104 update indicates that this is a firmware issue, and it appears to be somewhat random.

This has also happened for me with the original 101 firmware (black screen after waking from sleep - i have 2 monitors and my mouse cursor appeared and moved on my 2nd monitor while the Spectrum primary monitor was still black).

I did somehow manage to get the monitor to wake up - i think by logging in to Windows, which appeared to trip something and cause the monitor to wake up.

Yeah its random for me. Sometimes the power button is unresponsive, sometimes the power button works and things fix itself after turning it off/on.

I’m having the same issue with MacOS. Latest Big Sur, latest 104 Eve firmware. Once the MacBooks goes into sleep or I lock it manually it’s 90% the monitor doesn’t wake up (MacBook still gets charged via USB-C, though) and 10% the monitor wakes up. It’s super frustrating because it seems it’s a monitor/firmware issue.

The main fix is to unplug the Eve power cord and plug it back in. That cannot be the solution.

BTW, now I’m trying to use my Xbox Series X and the monitor doesn’t get a signal even though it worked fine over the last couple of days. Not even the unplugging power and plugging it back in helps. Oh man, oh man.

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