Monitor screen going black (PS5)


I just recently started having issues launching games like Call of Duty and Fortnite on my PS5. I have the 4K@144hz (hdmi 2.1) monitor and as soon as I go to launch an application from my Home Screen (ps5) the monitor goes black and stays black unless I go to the Home Screen (ps5). I have tried hard resetting my PS5, redownloading saved data, clearing caches and can’t figure out why the monitor is doing this. It can usually run 4K @ 120hz without any problems up until this point.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Do you have vrr on? Ps5 vrr doesnt support amd freesync thus causing issues.
also, ps5 is capped at 120fps. thus 4k 120fps has been fine.

Hey KWelKK, welcome to the community!

Could you please try using HDMI compatibility mode in your monitor settings and let us know if that works better?

You mentioned that these issues just started happening. If so, have you changed anything since then?

If that doesn’t work, we will follow up and work on more troubleshooting.


It has nothing to do with cables… Everyone on PS5 using a Spectrum has these problems.

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There is no fix yet, but to turn off VRR on PS5.

You may have wondered why the Spectrum goes to black for 5-10 seconds everytime you enter a game, right - even before the VRR update came out? That’s been an issue since day one. I’m pretty sure it’s linked to the VRR problem.